Berkeley resident arrested for alleged harassment of diverse group on Shattuck Avenue

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A Berkeley resident was arrested by the Berkeley Police Department for allegedly harassing a group of individuals on Shattuck Avenue over Memorial Day weekend.

On May 26, witnesses on Shattuck Avenue directed a police officer toward a white woman who was allegedly harassing an ethnically diverse group and physically attacking an individual in that group, according to BPD spokesperson Officer Byron White. White added that the woman, identified as Lauren Milewski, had allegedly been following the group for blocks before the attack.

According to White, he victim claimed that Milewski was scratching her and ripping her shirt. The officer who arrested Milewski claimed that she smelled of alcohol, White added.

Milewski was arrested on charges of being drunk in public and resisting arrest, and for violation of her probation.

A video of the incident online shows Milewski repeatedly telling the individuals to “get out of Berkeley” and obstructing their pathway, despite the group’s requests for Milewski to move and back away.

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