Ouch! 10 things that are less a-peel-ing than sunburns

Olivia Staser/Staff

We’re already about a month into summer break and we bet many of us have experienced the ache and burn of sunburns – man, do they suck. The burning sensation and complete redness not only makes us look like amateur sunbathers but lobsters as well. Here are 10 things that are even worse than becoming a red lobster this summer.

1. Your grades


Isn’t the saying “C’s get degrees”?

2. Grade deflation


There’s nothing better than working hard for an A but being pulled down to a B. Wild.

3. Dressing wrong for the weather


Berkeley weather really knows how to trick us! If it’s bright and sunny in the morning, expect a rainstorm by the afternoon.

4. When your favorite boba place runs out of boba


Berkeley running out of boba? That is an actual nightmare.

5. When your favorite boba place is closed


Nothing hurts more than craving a nice, refreshing boba drink and then seeing that it’s closed at 1 a.m. Aren’t we in Berkeley? Where is the 24-hour boba at?

6. When you have back-to-back finals or midterms


There is a sense of calm when you finally finish your midterm or final, but then you realize you have 10 minutes to study for the next one you have. RIP.

7. When you have an 8 a.m. final


There’s nothing worse than having a schedule where your earliest time is 11 a.m. and then seeing the finals schedule and realizing you’ve been smacked with an 8 a.m. at one of the farthest buildings on campus.

8. Hangovers


Is a great night of partying really worth the morning after? Hell yeah!

9. When your crush doesn’t like you back


Okay, so this isn’t exactly the worst thing, but it still stings when you shoot your shot with your study buddy and get rejected.

10. Stanfurd students


Go Bears!

We hope this relieved some of your burn. Remember, you are a Golden Bear, not a burnt one.

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