Lavender Bakery & Cafe to open on Solano Avenue

Ruby Sapia/Staff

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The long-awaited Lavender Bakery & Cafe, or Lavender Bakery, will bring a selection of French pastries and custom cakes to 1820 Solano Ave.

The business will replace La Farine Bakery, or La Farine, which also served French pastries. Lavender Bakery is planning to open in the next four weeks, depending on city inspections and the final installation of equipment, according to Lavender Bakery’s business manager, Ali Sadeghi.

“I have heard about it coming for months, and I don’t really believe it,” said Richard Whitlock, whose wife operates a business on Solano Avenue.

Lavender Bakery is another project from the owners of Sugar Butter Flour in Sunnyvale and La Patisserie Bakery in Cupertino, Sadeghi said. He claimed that these shops have the largest selection of pastries in the Bay Area, with 60 kinds of cakes, 70-80 individual desserts and 200 products in total.

The bakeries are famous for their burnt almond cake, which has both vanilla and chocolate cakes layered with Amarillo Bavarian filling, whipped cream and candied almonds.

“French baking is about balance of taste,” Sadeghi said. “Nothing is exaggerated — there is a good level of sugar in combination with fruit or flavor. We have fresh, daily, organic ingredients and everything is carefully selected.”

The bakery cafe will serve savory items, such as cheese croissants, and a selection of breads, as well as its signature French style sweets, according to Sadeghi. He said Lavender Bakery plans to customize its selections as it gets to know the neighborhood, and after the business has been open for seven months it will add fresh juices and more meal choices.

Solano Avenue neighbors are pleased to see the empty shop filled, because the avenue has seen a number of vacancies in past years. Allen Cain, executive director of the Solano Avenue Association, said he supports the Lavender Bakery project, with the bakery joining a climbing gym in the old Oaks Theatre building and a Beadazzled as the newest additions to Solano Avenue.

“We are thrilled to have the occupancy, although La Farine is sadly missed,” said Berkeley resident Deb Durant, who lives near the neighborhood.

Durant, among other residents, were sad to see La Farine leave the neighborhood. The owner of La Farine was unable to resolve a dispute with the property owner over mold on the premises, according to multiple local residents, which allegedly lead to La Farine closing its Solano Avenue location.

La Farine left a “space in our hearts,” Cain said in an email, but he added that he feels confident that Lavender Bakery will “fill those shoes.”

Lavender Bakery does not yet have an exact date for its grand opening party, but the bakery is encouraging local residents to sign up for notifications on its website. Sadeghi promised that the establishment will have outdoor seating, and he hoped that local residents will come to the grand opening party for a catalog of desserts and special offer coupons.

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