Editor’s note: The dog days are coming

Ah, summer — a time of beach days, sun rays and … homework? Summer sessions are hitting full stride here at UC Berkeley, and with them comes a stream of students, ready to hit both the books and the waves. Some are about to graduate, and others are brand-new to campus; some take a full course load, and others skim through their internship. Whatever your particular situation, a summer in Berkeley will be a summer to remember.

So don’t worry if you’re stuck studying at the library on a beautiful day — just pop in your headphones and tune into our summer playlist to feel like you’re studying abroad instead. Or maybe you’ll check out our power ranking of the best pools on campus, in preparation for that long-awaited study break. And if you’ve got a weekend to spare, take a look at our recommendations for three weekend getaways you can make this summer.

Just don’t forget to enjoy your break. Fall will be here sooner than you think, and summer will just be a hazy memory.

Harini Shyamsundar is the editor in chief. Ketki Samel is the managing editor. Contact them at [email protected].

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