What to do when your friends abandon you for the summer

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If you’re living without your friends and roommates this summer, we know what it’s like. It can be lonely and isolating to not have familiar faces to come home to, especially if you’re still on campus. However, we at the Clog believe in making the best out of unwanted situations. If you’re searching for ways to fill the void your roommates left, here’s a quick survival guide to deal with their absence. 

1. Talk to Google Home or Alexa

Since you have no one else to talk to, find a new home assistant as your new friend. It’s the perfect replacement, especially if you had a rocky semester with your roommate. Soon enough, you’ll be yelling at Alexa to turn down the volume and arguing because it just doesn’t understand you. As a bonus, because it’s so glitchy, you might wake up to creepy laughing or some other malfunction, just like you would with an apartment full of college students.

2. Enjoy the solitude

Honestly, the school year is so busy and you need a break. Think back to all the times you’ve been mad at your housemates for leaving dishes unwashed, playing loud music the night before your 8 a.m. midterm or just being annoying. Take a moment to enjoy your own company and live on your own terms. You don’t need lots of people around you to be happy.

3. Call them

If the whole solitude thing isn’t working out for you, try calling your friends. Chances are they’re just as bored as you are and have lots to catch up on.

4. Spend more time outdoors

If your house feels lonely, take it outside. If you’re doing classes over the summer, try to switch from working in your room to snagging a spot on Memorial Glade or a spot in one of the libraries. You’ll be surrounded by more people and will probably be a lot more productive than you would have been if you were moping about your friends at home. If you spend less time cooped up indoors, you probably won’t be thinking about being alone as much.

5. Do the dishes (since no one else will)

Are you the messy roommate? Your friends are gone for the summer, which means you have nobody to rely on to pick up behind you. Take the time to actually do the dishes or vacuum. Not so bad, is it? Use this summer to turn over a new leaf and impress your roommates when they’re back.

6. Leave the TV on

Pick a sitcom with fake built-in laughter and you’ve got a living room full of people in an empty apartment. If you want to make a lonely place more energetic, use your TV to simulate activity in the background.

7. Take longer showers

There’s no one waiting to use the bathroom and with only one person around, it isn’t as gross as it usually is. Wave goodbye to your shower shoes and settle down for a long, leisurely, uninterrupted shower.

8. Meet new people

A summer in Berkeley is a great time to meet different people from all over the world. We don’t mean that you need to find replacements for your friends, but summer sessions are a great opportunity to talk to students from different schools and countries, and maybe figure out why they decided to travel all the way to Berkeley when all you really want to do is get away.

Your friends might be gone, but it’s a good chance for you to make the most of your own space for once. Blast some throwback music, dance in your underwear and do whatever the hell you want!

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