Time to venture out: 3 day trips you can make this summer

Ketki Samel/Staff

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We all know a summer in Berkeley means an extra dose of trips to Yogurt Park and amazing sunsets. But as summer sessions begin and the campus seems emptier than usual, you might find yourself simultaneously stressed out and bored. You’re Berkeley-ed out — you’ve seen enough movies at Shattuck Cinemas, the Big C is too familiar and your spot on Memorial Glade still has imprints from the last time you sat there. So it’s time to venture out.

Treasure Island flea market

If you’re tired of eating and thrift shopping on Telegraph Avenue, grab a friend, throw on your favorite summer floppy hat and make your way to the Treasure Island flea market, one of Northern California’s largest festivals. Now called “TreasureFest,” the monthly event boasts various food trucks, DIY workshops and musical artists — over the summer, it will take place on June 23-24, July 28-29 and August 25-26. This month’s festival will take place on San Francisco’s Pride Weekend, and the theme is “Summer of Love.” With $5 admission, it is accessible both by car and public transportation. From the Downtown Berkeley BART station, you can take the BART down to the Embarcadero station and hop onto San Francisco Muni all the way to Treasure Island.

The website states that the festival is “one part shopping, one part feasting, and one part music and entertainment,” as it has a rotating lineup of more than 40 different food trucks and more than 400 curated vendors to shop from. It’ll definitely be a change of scene from Berkeley.


If you have a car, a day trip to Marin County is the way to go. Sausalito, just north of San Francisco, promises nice, long walks by the pier, where you can see more than 400 houseboats docking in the Bay. The small city is home to fancy fine dining, if you want to go all-out, as well as local shops affordable for a college student. If you’re looking for more casual dining, Fish serves “sustainable seafood by the water,” with its ingredients locally fished by Sausalito residents. And Fred’s Coffee Shop will just make you feel at home with its stacks of pancakes, plates of fried eggs and famous “Millionaire’s Bacon.”

With a full stomach, you can then peruse the city’s art galleries, including Petri’s Gallery, which has mind-blowing glass art and a fun Dr. Seuss collection. And after a walk down Sausalito’s Main Street, you’re ready for some active fun and breathtaking trees — thankfully, the natural wonders of Muir Woods National Monument and Point Reyes National Seashore are less an hour’s drive away. You may opt for Point Reyes on a weekend, as during the summer, parking or shuttle reservations are required to enter Muir Woods. This day trip promises the perfect getaway with good food and fresh air.

Lake Tahoe

Everyone knows Tahoe for its snowy winter fun, but you may find summer at the lake quite special. A trip to Lake Tahoe requires commitment, but making the four-hour drive there ensures a sunny, fun-filled weekend. Book an Airbnb by the water with a group of three to four friends for as cheap as $30-40 per night and spend the weekend relaxing in nature.

Sand Harbor Beach, located on the lake itself, is well known for its unreal blue water that reflects the sunlight like crystals. During any day of the week, the shore of this beach is likely to be crowded, but that’s just part of the fun. You can swim in the water, play on the sand or climb the rocks that border the beach.

And have you ever seen a lake on top of a mountain? If you’re up for a 30-minute hike, Eagle Lake is nestled within Lassen National Forest at an elevation of 5,098 feet. As the name indicates, it’s possible to see nesting eagles as you bask in the sun and swim in the lake.