'Hi hungry, I'm Dad': Why dad jokes are a gift to humanity

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JUNE 15, 2018

Dad jokes,” a group of jokes defined by wordplay and puns, never fail to elicit a few eye rolls. They are pointed to as examples of how embarrassing fathers can be. However, these jokes are examples of the wisdom and humor that should be in a child’s life. Here are a few examples of how this genre of jokes is a gift to humanity.

They teach better grammar

Many dad jokes point out how the child is speaking — for example, the infamous response to “can I do this” being “I don’t know. Can you?” These jokes may feel like they are poking fun, but really they are trying to teach the kid how to say their statement with the correct grammar. It may come off as annoying, but in truth, it is showing that the father cares and wants his child to communicate effectively in the world.

The puns are witty

A common identifier of a dad joke is a bad pun. That doesn’t mean that the word connections are bad — instead, it is the fact that the usual reaction to the pun is a groan as supposed to a laugh. However, these puns indicate an intelligent playfulness. It takes some cleverness to create a near-perfect mashup of words, but it also requires a willingness not to hold the language sacred and instead have fun.

An added bonus is when the pun is come up with on the fly because of something currently happening — this shows the father is actively paying attention and willing to engage, which he does in the form of a groan-worthy pun.

It shows they care

In order to come up with that perfect groan-worthy pun, the requirement is to pay attention. This attention shows that the father cares about what is happening with them and their child. This is their way of trying to have fun, which shows that they see their child as not only a useful person in the house for doing chores but also as someone that they want to spend an enjoyable time with. The joke is just evidence of their love for their child.

They are wholesome

Most comedy revolves around something bad happening or has some sexual content. These two things do not make up the entirety of the world and dad jokes help remind us that the world can be silly and funny apart from those two facets. Dad jokes are jokes one can feel comfortable telling to a young child and they help remind all of us that fun can be found in the childlike enjoyment of the innocent.

They aren’t serious

These jokes prove that dads aren’t emotionless robots. Instead, they have depth and a silly side. Even though they are adults who are responsible for the well-being of children, they can still have fun and play with words in silly ways. It shows a depth in dads across the world and gives another reason to love them.

In summary, dad jokes show why we love our fathers. They help teach us, embarrass us and keep the world light. Thank you, dads, for all the pun-ishing jokes and help with groaning up.

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JUNE 15, 2018