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A who's who guide to BTS, the K-pop boy band breaking out in America

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JUNE 19, 2018

Korean pop music, or K-pop, has finally made its way to America — and it’s here to stay. Although Korean groups such as Wonder Girls and EXO have previously tried to break into the American music industry, Bangtan Sonyeondan, or BTS, has been the K-pop group to make its mark, specifically with its 2018 album Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear,’ which hit No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200.


The members of BTS have shown that they can do it all: sing, act, dance, rap and much more. We at the Clog want to help introduce the seven dreamboats in the group to our readers. Maybe we’ll even introduce you to your “bias,” the K-pop term for your favorite member of a group. Here are the men of BTS:

Kim Nam-joon aka RM — rapper and leader


Before taking on the role of leader in BTS, RM was an underground rapper in South Korea, so it’s no surprise that RM would also be the main, hard-hitting rapper of the group. After teaching himself English through the sitcom “Friends,” RM is typically the main person speaking during most American interviews. RM also makes his leadership more apparent in the studio by writing and producing a lot of BTS’ music. While RM’s professional career is incredibly impressive (oh, did we mention he also released his own mixtape?), his personality also draws fans to BTS. Through RM’s eloquent and clumsy personality, we can’t help but like BTS even more.

Kim Tae-hyung aka V — visual and vocalist


With a deep and smooth voice suited for R&B, V reigns as a great vocalist. Not only can he sing, but he can also act, as seen in the series “Hwarang.” V may as well be short for visuals, as V creates a really unique look for himself that has earned him a fashionable reputation in the American entertainment industry. As for V’s personality, it seems that he’s either a genius or an idiot — never in between. But above all, V embodies a walking meme.

Kim Seok-jin aka Jin — visual and vocalist


A self-proclaimed “worldwide handsome,” Jin also becomes a main visual for BTS. Wanting to become an actor at first, Jin thankfully found his real passion for singing through BTS. With his never-ending dad jokes and puns, it’s not surprising to learn that Jin is also the oldest of the group. Not only does Jin provide the BTS ARMY (the group’s fanbase) a great set of selfies, he also provides his voice through amazing vocals.

Jeon Jungkook aka Jungkook — visual, vocalist and dancer


Not only can Jungkook sing, but he can also dance and look good while doing it. Being a one-of-a-kind guy who can do just about everything, Jungkook was offered a contract with not one, not two but seven big K-pop companies, including one of the biggest companies at the time, JYP Entertainment. Clearly, Jungkook made the right choice when deciding to sign with a smaller company, Big Hit Entertainment. Along with being a man of many talents, Jungkook also has a personality that appeals to everyone, as a pure-hearted gamer guy.

Park Ji-min aka Jimin — vocalist and dancer


Jimin is known for his work ethic and competitive side. The other members really respect him for how much extra work he puts into making his singing and dancing great. With a high-ranged voice, some may compare his voice to those of angels (you can check out his vocals in “Intro: Serendipity” from BTS’ album Love Yourself 承 ‘Her‘. As a contemporary dance king with smol hands, Jimin can be credited as one of the softest things in Earth’s existence.

Jung Ho-seok aka J-Hope — dancer and rapper


J-Hope was given his nickname because of his personality. The members know him as the caring, motherly one to all of them. He is the “light” of the group who keeps smiling and cracking jokes. A vocalist turned rapper, J-Hope has made his skills apparent through his upbeat-energy raps that you can hear on his first mixtape, “Hope World.” His mixtape is really reflective of his personality — it’s bubbly, lively and makes use of the inflection and range he has in his voice that stems from his vocalist background. With his dancing, J-Hope is influenced by street and freestyle hip-hop dance — he dances with precision, popping and locking.

Min Yoon-gi aka Suga — rapper and producer


His name Suga comes from how his skin is so pale and fair like sugar. With his fast-paced rapping, some worry if he’s even breathing. But Suga’s rapping game isn’t impressive because of his speed, but more of the content itself. On his mixtape Agust D, Suga raps about how to overcome hate, mental health, the cost of fame and his struggles with depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Much like RM, Suga was also a popular underground rapper in South Korea. As a producer, Suga has shown his talent through BTS’ own music as well as other music produced outside of BTS, including “Wine” by Suran (수란) ft. Changmo (창모), which won him the Hot Trend Award at the Melon Music Awards. As for his personality, he can only be described as an “I’d rather stay indoors away from sunlight” type of guy.

So here are very brief introductions to the men of BTS. Start getting familiar with them because you’ll be seeing them all over America soon enough — if you haven’t already.

Joyce Cam is the blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].

JUNE 19, 2018