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It's World Music Day: Which awesome playlist are you?

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JUNE 21, 2018

June 21 marks World Music Day, a time for individuals all over the world to come together and get down to some funky beats. Whether you prefer turning your neighborhood into a Beyoncé concert or just chilling with your headphones on, take this quiz to find out which music genre you should try next!


  1.  How do you usually spend your weekends?
    1. Sleeping in
    2. Attending your weekly cult meeting
    3. Getting to know your toilet
    4. As the living embodiment of “City That Never Sleeps”
    5. Hunched over a copier, frantically trying to make a “new” textbook that you don’t have to pay for
  2. ‘Tis a fine and sunny day. You step outside your house and you see an — animal??? What is it?
    1. A lizard, which then runs in through your door
    2. A turkey, which promptly shits in front of you
    3. A cat, which runs away before you can pet it
    4. A brightly dressed elderly woman wearing a strange yet interesting feathered outfit
    5. Your reflection in a window across the street
  3. Life is tough: Your favorite pair of earbuds just broke. Again. What brand do you replace them with?
    1. Panasonic
    2. Beats by Dre
    3. Whatever’s cheapest
    4. Skullcandy
    5. Fuck that, time for headphones
  4. If it rained in summer (let’s not jinx it, shall we), would you:
    1. Go out and play like the child you are
    2. Stay inside as you’ve been doing all summer
    3. Push your friend into a puddle
    4. Whip out that umbrella and continue on with your day
    5. Take one of those “wet hair” photoshoots that were all the rage last year
  5.  Your little sister wants to paint your toes. How do you react?
    1. Yes, of course!
    2. NO.
    3. Ignore her, knowing she’ll probably paint them and your face in your sleep anyway.
    4. Tell her to ask your other sibling.
    5. Eh, what can I lose?
  6.  Do you like kids?
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Sometimes
    4. I hate them; they’re all brats
    5. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em
  7.  You’re on your way to a concert, but your car fizzles out of gas at a traffic light. What do you do now?
    1. Get out and run — you’re almost there anyway
    2. Hitchhike!
    3. Call your mom to drive 40 minutes to pick you up and take you there
    4. Steal the bike of the kid who’s busy with their music
    5. Sit in your car and livestream it
    1. You got Classic Rock! Strap into those platform boots and sparkly jumpsuits and prepare your ears for what is arguably the greatest era of music. This playlist has staple groups mixed in with some lesser-known gems (but they’re just as good). It has mainly energetic songs but one or two softer ones thrown in there. 
    2. You got 80s Pop! We hope your hair is teased and sprayed down, because otherwise it won’t stay put while you have an otherworldly experience listening to this playlist. This playlist has only the hottest artists from the decade because, well, they’re the best. Funk and synth to the rescue!
    3. You got Riot Grrrl! Unleash your inner punk feminist headbanger and get to it. This playlist has the ’90s girls with attitude who’ll probably make you want to punch a hole in your wall. But don’t do that. Everything here is pretty fast-paced, and rightfully so!
    4. You got Rap! We swear this isn’t just a bunch of random rap songs thrown together, but actually a chronicle of the genre’s transformation throughout the years. From hard-hitting sounds to fun beats, we have it all here.
    5. You got the Late 2000s! Time to let those throwback feels roll in. This playlist covers some of the best artists from back then, or should we say, the “hit-churners.” Just when you feel your youth is slipping away, don’t fear! Many of them are still making music, but if you still feel old, just tune right back to this playlist.


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JUNE 21, 2018