Après: A post-workout drink that actually tastes good

Allison Fong/Staff
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All right, folks, let’s be real right now. You’ve probably seen this trendy beverage everywhere. I’m talking Instagram, Facebook and any health/fitness blog. And while you’re looking at these aesthetic bottles, you’ve probably thought about whether or not they were worth the hype. Well, good thing for you, because that’s exactly what this post is dedicated to. I am here to give you the rundown on these protein shakes.

Après means “after” in French — as in, this beverage is intended to be a post-workout drink. Founded by Sonny McCracken and Darby Jackson, a UC Berkeley alumna (Can we get a go Bears?), Après is making waves in the world of health and fitness. A vegan post-workout drink that actually tastes good? I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Now, I am not a gym rat, but I do a lot of hot yoga and SoulCycle, so I definitely have had some protein shakes before. News flash: It’s time to toss that blender bottle and order a six- or 24- pack of these bad boys, because Après is the real deal.


Anyone can have it

Après is a plant-based protein drink that is non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free, making it a product that is friendly to everyone! Nobody needs to feel left out, because Après has thoughtfully taken everyone’s dietary needs into consideration in crafting this nutritious beverage for everyone to enjoy.

It actually tastes good

I know what you’re thinking: It’s lacking in so many things, so it must taste kind of weird — but that’s actually where you’re wrong. Unlike other protein shakes that I’ve had in the past, I don’t need to force it down because it actually tastes good. Sometimes protein shakes can be a little gritty and give you major chalk vibes (#nothanks), but you won’t find that problem here. Just one sip of this drink and you’ll instantly realize what an upgrade this is compared to your usual protein shake.

It contains real ingredients

Made with pea, chia, hemp and cacao plant protein, Après offers a more natural way to obtain the post-workout replenishment that your body needs. With energy from organic virgin coconut oil and electrolytes for rehydration from organic coconut water, Après really has it all.


It’s kind of pricey

When you order online, you have the option of ordering a six-pack ($5 per bottle) or a 24-pack ($4.50 per bottle). This product is definitely on the more expensive end of the spectrum, as there are other alternatives that are a little gentler on your wallet.

It’s not available everywhere

If you run out of these bad boys, you can’t just run to the store to get more at a grocery store. Only found in select boutique fitness studios (good thing for you, there are a bunch in NorCalor online, it isn’t as easy to obtain as other protein shakes. If you’re a committed fan of this tasty beverage, you can always get a subscription so that you’ll get a box of these at your front door every month!

There’s a limited number of flavors

Currently, Après offers two flavors online: sea salt chocolate and mint cacao. Now, this may actually be a pro if you’re into chocolate, but the lack of flavors available can steer some away. For those of us who aren’t chocoholics, this might not be the one for you. Although I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of chocolate, these protein shakes are an exception! Compared to other protein shakes, Après offers a limited number of options to choose from, but one thing for sure is that it is definitely focusing on quality over quantity.


For me, Après was love at first sip. I used to have to force protein shakes down because they were so gross, but not with Après. I tried both flavors, sea salt chocolate and mint cacao, and I can say with confidence that both are equally good. I am not a huge chocolate person, but I will happily drink Après after a workout. After incorporating Après into my life, I haven’t been as sore as I usually am after an intense workout. In fact, my post-workout high has been prolonged. Après has helped, but don’t just take my word for it — try it out for yourself! Smooth, creamy and not too sweet, Après offers the nutritious and delicious post-workout snack that you’ve been waiting for. So go ahead and #ownyourafter with Après! (Because I will be!)


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