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How to get your study on when all the libraries close early this summer

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JUNE 25, 2018

 One of the most inconvenient things about summer sessions is that none of the libraries on campus are open when you need them to be. Everything closes early, and there’s no scope for pulling all-nighters in Moffitt Library and keeping up with the fast pace of summer classes when everything closes before sunset. If you’re someone who needs to get out of their room to keep from napping and actually focus, here are a few ways you can get down to studying this summer:

1. Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union

The student union is open until 9 p.m., which is no 24-hour dead week access, but it’s a huge step up from other summer options (Moffitt, we’re talking to you). It’s also a good place to work if you’re restless and need a perfect location to take food breaks. 

2. Tailgate into the residence halls

If you’re at your wit’s end, have a midterm the next morning and really really just need to stay up late and study — returning to the residence halls might just be your best option. All the housing units have lounges, International House has a whole library for residents and Maximino Martinez Commons has study rooms with new, modern furniture to make you feel like you’re in Moffitt. Residence halls don’t “close,” so feel free to study as long as you need. The RAs might hate you, but at the end of the day, you gotta do what you gotta do.

3. Caffe Strada

Hold on to your laptops because Caffe Strada is still open. This is the perfect place to get serious work done, and over the summer it’s even easier to find a good seat!

4. Card access

Befriend someone with card access to one of the computer science buildings, such as Soda Hall or Cory Hall on Northside and enjoy uninterrupted work time. This is ideal because there are no distractions on Northside and you won’t be tempted to go out and get food or boba. Sure, you’ve got options, but do you really have good options? To make it even better, it’s likely that you’ll be surrounded by people struggling through computer science projects to help you power through. Nothing unites UC Berkeley students more than homework.

5. Friends’ apartments

If you can’t focus alone in your own room and find yourself falling asleep or switching to Netflix, studying with a friend is a quick solution. It’s easy to think that being around people will distract you, but honestly, who are you kidding? You weren’t productive anyway, so you might as well have fun trying.

It can be annoying to find your regular study spots closed when you need them most, but fear not! There are still plenty of cafes, buildings and other spots left to explore, and who knows — you might just find a new favorite.


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JUNE 25, 2018