HS Lordships workers protest severance pay 1 week before restaurant closure

Jinsu Elhance/Staff

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Workers at HS Lordships walked out of the restaurant in protest during Sunday brunch, taking their breaks at the same time.

The employees cited the amount of their severance pay — $21 for each year of employment — as the reason for their protest. According to SFGate, customers said the employees tried to return to work but were turned away from the restaurant.

A customer at HS Lordships tweeted just before 2 p.m., “Some workers stayed, and management said they’d be recognized for their commitment.”

“We are committed to our obligation to service our guests as we have in the past,” said CEO of Specialty Restaurants Corporation John Tallichet in a press release. “We are equally committed to our obligation to our team members and complying with our contractual obligation with Unite-Here.”

HS Lordships, located at 199 Seawall Dr. along the Berkeley Marina, has been in operation for nearly 50 years and is set to close its doors just before its lease expires July 1. According to the press release, the restaurant’s hours will continue as normal until it closes.

Specialty Restaurants Corporation Vice President of Marketing Margaret Schroeder said the company had nothing else to comment.


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