UC Berkeley Extension announces partnership with Global Alumni

Doug Smith/Staff

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UC Berkeley Extension partnered with Global Alumni, a Spanish-American educational technology company, on June 26 to offer courses fully taught in Spanish.

According to Tom McGuire, the program director at UC Berkeley Extension, the partnership will result in an Oct. 9 international online certificate program launch of six courses in marketing and six more in human resources management all taught in Spanish — in Spain and select Latin American countries.

“Universities are aware they must adapt to the new economic and social realities,” said UC Berkeley Extension Dean Diana Wu in a press release. “That is why UC Berkeley Extension has decided to go a step further and offer these classes to Spanish speaking countries.”

McGuire said the completely online courses are already offered by UC Berkeley Extension, but Global Alumni’s bilingual translators will be working with campus to translate them into Spanish and streamline them. For instance, the 30-hour lecture for “Introduction to Marketing” will be cut down to 20 hours.

These courses will be made available in September through UC Berkeley Extension, and more courses will be added during the subsequent spring semester.

UC Berkeley Extension is looking for ways to grow its international programs and reach global students, according to McGuire.

“It is truly exciting to be involved in a strategic collaboration with an esteemed international partner dedicated to serving the Spanish-speaking market with high-quality and engaging courses,” McGuire said.

McGuire said he expects students of the future Spanish courses to be reflective of the student body of current UC Berkeley Extension courses. For example, many of the students will likely be people trying to change careers to marketing or human resources management or people trying to sharpen their business skills.

In the past, UC Berkeley Extension had a Mandarin program in the engineering department, although it is no longer available. Global Alumni had a separate agreement with UCLA Extension, but McGuire said he does not know about any other different-language classes in development.

Global Alumni’s website states its goal is to bring graduate school education globally to Spanish speakers from the most prestigious universities. The site states that the organization uses the latest technology to offer both online and partially online courses.

“Their effective pedagogical model, based on student feedback and experience in the arena, will help students transition to new careers or up their game in marketing or human resource management fields with immediately practical and applicable skills,” McGuire said.

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