Editor’s note: Pride Month 2018

For decades, Berkeley and the Bay Area have paved the way for LGBTQ+ rights. From the Gay Liberation Movement in the 1970s to the creation of the Queer Alliance and Resource Center at UC Berkeley, Berkeley has been a “crucible of activism” at times when other parts of the nation have not, according to Billy Curtis, director of the campus Gender Equity Resource Center.

The Oscar Wilde House on Warring Street was the nation’s first LGBTQ+-themed student cooperative. And in September 2012, Berkeley became the first city in the United States to establish a day recognizing bisexuality, when Berkeley City Council unanimously proclaimed Sept. 23 as Bisexual Pride and Bi-Visibility Day.

But interviews with students and activists in Berkeley and beyond show that the work isn’t over. In our 2018 Pride Month impact issue, we hope to shed light on all that is still being done on the front.

Harini Shyamsundar is the editor in chief and president. Contact her at [email protected] and follow The Daily Californian on Twitter at @dailycal.