Celebrating National French Fry Day with your favorite shows (and fries!)

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JULY 13, 2018

It’s National French Fry Day, and it’s the best time for you to openly express your love for fried potatoes, completely guilt-free! It’s finally the potato’s day to shine, so head over to a local McDonald’s, replace that boring side salad with hot, crispy fries, or toss a bag of frozen fries into the oven — whatever floats your boat. Since the spotlight’s on potatoes, here are five scenes from our favorite series that give french fries the center stage:

1. “Friends”


Joey goes on a date with Phoebe’s friend, Sarah. Everything seems to be going well until she does the unthinkable and reaches into his plate to grab a few fries. French fries are the ultimate deal breaker here and reinforce the very important fact that Joey DOESN’T share food.

2. “How I Met Your Mother”


Barney reacts the same way Joey does on “Friends.” Here, Gary Blauman takes not one, but FOUR fries from Barney’s plate. To add to this huge misdemeanor, one of the four is an accidental curly fry. As they conclude, you don’t take a man’s accidental curly — you take his wife before you take that curly fry.

3. “Worth It”


Buzzfeed’s Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnyckyj spend 100 Canadian dollars on 15 pounds of fries — which is heavier than the average newborn baby — and if this doesn’t embody the true spirit of National French Fry Day, then nothing does. They also spend a full day eating fried potatoes, so the next time you feel guilty about bad eating habits, remember that you aren’t as bad as you could be.

4. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”


The Nine-Nine squad is on an important mission to rescue Scully. When the squad tracks him down and ends up on a weed farm, his trusty partner Hitchcock proves his mettle and shows everyone his real priorities when Jake spots something in the distance and says, “Look what I found,” to which Hitchcock immediately responds, “French fries?”

French fries. On a weed farm?

5. “Gilmore Girls”


Here, french fries reveal the very best of Lorelai: her voracious appetite. The Gilmore Girls take pride in eating huge quantities of junk food, so the next time someone tells you to put town your fries, take a tip from the real experts and tell them: “These aren’t fries! They’re fahrvenugen soogan dugan,” the same way Lorelai tells Taylor when he asks her to stop eating during the town meeting. Confuse them enough that they don’t question further!

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JULY 13, 2018