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World Emoji Day: Emojis that describe a UC Berkeley student's day

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JULY 17, 2018

July 17 is the only day you can actually use the calendar emoji, and it also happens to be World Emoji Day! These fun icons are always there to add emotion, context or inside jokes to a conversation. As an important part of modern communication, emojis are key to understanding the lives of college students. To celebrate World Emoji Day, we at the Clog created a day in the life of a student at UC Berkeley in emoji form — we hope you can relate to some of them as much as we do.

8 a.m. ?

Regardless of whether or not you’re a morning person, 8 a.m. classes are always death. Are you saying we should learn this difficult material before the sun is out? Please. The crying emoji only reflects what we all feel on the inside when we are expected to go to class at this ungodly hour.

10 a.m. ☕️

At this point in the morning, you can’t walk on campus without seeing nearly everyone holding a coffee. Whether you’re starting your day or starting your second cup of Peet’s, it’s safe to assume that caffeine is your best friend at 10 a.m., and therefore the best emoji to describe the late morning.

12 p.m. ?

By midday, Sproul Plaza comes alive with activity, and with that comes so many dogs! Not only do dog owners walk on campus and very kindly let students play with their pets, but organizations such as De-stress With Dogs arrive too. This emergence of animal life is often a ray of sunshine in a UC Berkeley student’s day – if only this emoji did Jojo the Pembroke Corgi justice.

3 p.m. ?

In the afternoon, most students are in their prime. Whether studying, researching, working out or interning, our brains are fully functioning and ready to get stuff done. Whatever this means for you, we hope this emoji inspires to stay strong and keep going!

5 p.m. ?

As the afternoon fades, students begin to lose focus and become sidetracked by news, social media or Netflix (or all three). Everyone procrastinates differently, but we can all agree that this “soon” emoji sums up our mentalities once we get into the late afternoon.

7 p.m. ?

It’s dinner time! After a long day and with so many options to choose from, pizza is a popular and delicious choice for an evening meal in Berkeley. Whether your slices come from Crossroads or Artichoke Basille’s, the classic combination of cheese, tomato and crust just can’t be beaten at this hour.

9 p.m. ?

While this is hopefully not an everyday occurrence for UC Berkeley students, there are definitely moments when you remember that an assignment is due at midnight and realize you haven’t started. This mistake is surprisingly motivating and we can all relate to the look of dread on this emoji’s face when the inevitable happens.

12 a.m. ?

Depending on the night, you can find UC Berkeley students in one of two places – studying in a library or at a party. However, hitting the books almost always takes priority, especially during the never-ending midterm season. If you’re really good at multitasking, you might study after going out, but most of the time, the night ends with a good old-fashioned cram session.

While this list does not describe everyone’s day as a student, we hope it brings you some laughter on World Emoji Day. Who knows, maybe you’ll even use a few of these (or all of them) the next time you’re texting someone about life at UC Berkeley!

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JULY 17, 2018