Man arrested for allegedly grabbing, attempting to kidnap woman in Downtown Berkeley

Daniel Kim/File

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A homeless man was arrested early Sunday morning for allegedly grabbing and dragging a woman across the street in Downtown Berkeley, according to Berkeley Police Department spokesperson Officer Byron White.

The incident happened at about 6:30 a.m. on the corner of Bancroft Way and Fulton Street. The 27-year-old man grabbed the woman’s phone and told her to follow him, White said.

According to White, the assailant tried to pull on her for two or three steps. White added that after the woman broke free and ran away, the suspect chased after her.

A passing driver saw the incident and stopped his vehicle. He opened a car door, and the woman jumped into it, White said.

The two drove to BPD, and the woman returned to the scene along with police officers. The officers arrested the man after the woman identified him as the assailant, according to White.

The alleged assailant was identified as Deshaun Montgomery, who was on probation at the time of his arrest. Montgomery’s charges stand as robbery, resisting arrest, kidnapping, and kidnapping with intent to commit robbery, rape or another crime, White confirmed.

“We’re happy that the motorist was able to bring her to safety,” White said.

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