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Different hot dogs to enjoy this National Hot Dog Day

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JULY 18, 2018

Whether you’re an all-American dog lover or wurst than that, there are many ways we can enjoy the good ol’ stick o’ meat we serve in all types of buns.

When it comes to hot dogs, I’m a pretty simple girl — a $2 hot dog from Costco is where it’s at. Although this admittedly sounds laughable and impossibly cheap (especially in Berkeley), it’s still the dog to strive for all the same.

So aside from Top Dog — the reigning champion of hot dogs in the Bay — what are our options here, really?

Hot dogs and macaroni and cheese 

A childhood classic: cheap as hell and nostalgic enough to be worth the price of admission. Adding a cut up hot dog into your SpongeBob-shaped pasta noodles is the perfect dinner to make you feel like a kid again.

Italian sausage 

If you want to do a more adult version of the above option (or what Tan France of Queer Eye would call an “elevated” version), get yourself some Italian sausage from the local grocery with some spaghetti and marinara sauce, and there you go!  Or, if you wanna get creative, let’s combine the two, using garlic bread or French bread with a slit for your bun and a little marinara for your condiments. Now that’s a take on hot dogs that are more than worth it!


Here’s another option for the Italian sausage: Add some rice and beef bouillon (or other soup stock) to unlock our own take on Louisiana gumbo. For more authentic gumbo, slow-cook it with chopped-up celery, carrots and onions to really seal in that smoky, spicy flavor, and refrigerate it overnight. Even if you don’t have time for that, turning your sausage fest into a plate of deliciousness is easy enough with just a little rice and a lot of love.


Supersize everything, and we mean everything. Instead of adding just one hot dog, add 10. Instead of a simple, small bun, get a whole baguette to feast on. You’ll be working on that hot dog all day. Is there any other way to spend National Hot Dog Day?

Breakfast dog

Are you a breakfast lover? Are you one of those people who would eat eggs, bacon and sausage for dinner? Well, we have got something great for you — breakfast dogs! Swap out your regular hot dog with sausages and add your favorite breakfast foods. Drizzle a little syrup on top if you’re feeling wild. Want to get extra crazy? Replace your regular bun with a pancake or a soggy waffle. It might look more taco, but potato, potahtoh.

Corn dog

Why not pay a visit to the hot dog’s cousin, the corn dog? We at the Clog appreciate all dogs on this special day. Still want the authentic hot dog feel? Just place your corn dog in a hot dog bun! Bun-ception!

Happy National Hot Dog Day! We hope you enjoy these different versions of hot dogs.

Lauren West is the assistant blog editor. Contact Lauren West at [email protected].

JULY 19, 2018