District 7 City Councilmember Kriss Worthington endorses Rigel Robinson for seat, plans to not run for re-election

Sakura Cannestra/Staff

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District 7 City Councilmember Kriss Worthington passed the metaphorical and literal baton of his council seat to candidate Rigel Robinson, announcing his endorsement of Robinson’s campaign as well as his intent to not run for re-election.

At the baton passing, which happened about noon Thursday on the steps of the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Building, Worthington said he had spent the past few weeks talking to possible District 7 candidates and trying to decide if he should run again or if he would support another candidate.

“A few days ago, I didn’t know what we were gonna do,” Worthington said. “I was focused on, ‘Is there someone who can take this job and will they be successful?’ ”

Worthington said he is confident in Robinson’s leadership skills and ability to work with people with a range of opinions and identities. Worthington also said Robinson will be able to represent students on the City Council.

Also announced was Worthington’s plan to not run for re-election, but Worthington did note that he is a “workaholic” and that he will continue to following up on his office’s current projects once he leaves the council.

Robinson, who graduated from UC Berkeley in May, said at the event that he will be using this campaign to “make sure that the student voice is elevated.” In the past, Robinson noted that he has attended many City Council meetings to support certain agenda items, and that a majority of the items have been proposed by Worthington.

Now, Robinson’s plans are to “walk every inch of the district” and “meet every constituent.”

“I’m so grateful for the support of the outgoing council member,” Robinson said. “He’s always said he’s been eager to support students. … This is our moment.”

Assistant news editor Francesca Munsayac contributed to this article. 

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