The Clog’s guide to scaling the Campanile using everyday objects

Emily Bi/Staff

The Campanile is probably one of UC Berkeley’s biggest pride-and-joys. Sending us off to classes with its beautiful music and just looking pretty, the Campanile holds a special place in the Clog’s heart. Standing at a whopping 307 feet, we want to know other ways to get to the top to view the Bay Area. With our budget tight, we at the Clog have looked for household, everyday items that we think could get us all the way to the top.

Dispensible chopsticks

You probably have a drawer full of those restaurant chopsticks that will probably never be used. Well, here’s your chance. Use chopsticks to scale the Campanile. Although we recommend using real chopsticks, you can bunch up a lot of the restaurant chopsticks to have a better chance!

Hair ties 

With all the hair ties lost, you definitely own more than you think. Loop all the hair ties together to make an extra-long bungee rope. Have your friend go up the Campanile, hook it to the top and send it back down to you. Now, all you need to do is run far= enough away and launch yourself to the top.


Forks are just mini-picks. Use forks to stab into the Campanile and make your way to the top. You can even attach some to your shoes for some extra stability.

Pens or pencils

Sharpen those pencils and get a fresh set of pens to scale the Campanile. This is the same concept as forks — just stab (not too hard) those bad boys into the precious exterior of the Campanile, and you’ll be up in no time.

Free lanyards

Collecting those lanyards from Caltopia, Cal Day and all those other UC Berkeley events is finally coming in handy. Using the same technique as the hair ties, tie all of your lanyards together and throw them off the Campanile. Now, all you need to do is climb!

Old papers from previous classes

So, this isn’t technically scaling up the Campanile, but there is no doubt that flying to the top would be at least as cool. Use your old papers from previous classes to make a sort of parachute or flying squirrel contraption. Launch yourself off the top of another building — yes, it’s that simple!

JUUL cloud

You or your friend can vape a big JUUL cloud that’s large enough that you can just float on it. Need even more power? Grab more friends or just enter a frat house — you’ll be sure to find a few vape users there. Either way, just get the phattest vape cloud you can and ride that to the top of the Campanile.

Elevators are OUT and vape clouds are IN. We hope the next time you see the Campanile, you think of new, more creative ways to get to the top.

Joyce Cam is the blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].