How we feel about the summer being half over, as told in GIFs

Willow Yang/Staff

As the final days of July approach, UC Berkeley students may be looking at the calendar and experiencing a whirlwind of emotions as a harsh realization hits — there are only about four weeks of summer left. We at the Clog have taken the liberty of outlining some of the thoughts that may be going through your head, in the hopes of validating the complicated feelings that arise with the thought of returning to school.

Phase 1: You are hit by utter despair at the thought of returning to school


Phase 2: You realize you’ve wasted half the summer looking at memes and sleeping …


Phase 3: … so you decide to be super adventurous and fun for the last few week of summer


Phase 4: But then you think about how little sleep you’ll get once school starts, so it’s right back to bed … or wherever you can get a little rest


Phase 5: Panic sets in as you realize that before long, you’ll be going to class and taking midterms


Phase 6: But you also feel a little excited about being reunited with your friends


Phase 7: You start to feel nostalgic for the memories you’ve made this summer


Phase 8: And you reflect on how much you’ve matured since your previous first day of school


Phase 9: You begin making goals for how you’re going to be more productive and organized next semester


Phase 10: But you quickly give up because you know you won’t stick to your plans anyway


Phase 11: All of your confusing emotions about summer ending soon may start to feel overwhelming


Phase 12: But in your heart, you couldn’t be more excited to return to the No. 1 public university in the world, especially to read the print issues of The Daily Californian


We at the Clog love summer, but we love overpriced housing, sleep deprivation and Crossroads dining even more. But in all seriousness, we can’t wait to return to UC Berkeley for another semester, and we hope everyone has a great rest of their summer.

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