Take our quiz to find out if you’re treating yourself or just being lazy

Lorenz Angelo Gonzales/Staff

When you decide to give in and take a nap in the middle of the day or spend an hour scrolling through UCBMFET instead of starting to study for the MCAT, do you have an internal debate on whether you’re treating yourself for all your hard work or whether you’re just being lazy and letting yourself indulge too much?

Take this quiz to find out the answer!

  1. Your day has sucked after bombing a midterm. But let’s be real — you started studying the night before. What do you do when you get home?
    1. Start studying for the next midterm. I definitely need to get my grade up.
    2. Go straight to sleep. I’ll just wake up early tomorrow morning and catch up on the readings I didn’t do. 
    3. Rewatch episodes of “The Office.” I need Michael Scott to cheer me up after that shitty exam.
    4. Cancel all of my Hulu, Netflix and streaming accounts — clearly, that’s the problem.
  2. You wake up hungover at noon after going out the night before. What do you do for the rest of the day?
    1. Tell myself I am a sloth for sleeping, then go drink a gallon of water and do this week’s assigned readings.
    2. Sleep a little more. It’s the weekend. I can relax.
    3. Swear I will never drink alcohol again and then go to Artichoke’s to get some quality hangover food.
    4. Drink again! The cure to a hangover is getting more drunk.
  3. You’ve been studying for an hour and start getting hungry. What do you do for food?
    1. Cook a quality meal for myself. Then eat it while I’m studying.
    2. Let myself starve. This is punishment for sleeping until noon.
    3. Go out and buy a burrito. I need the energy to sustain myself after all that hard studying.
    4. Eat whatever I ate last night. I barely have time to study — what makes you think I have time to cook?
  4.  It’s your friend’s 21st birthday. All your friends are going to Triple Rock to celebrate but your final is this upcoming week. What’s your game plan?
    1. Sorry, but I have to flake so I can study. GPA > friends.
    2. Stop by for a little while but then go back home before midnight to continue studying.
    3. Celebrate!!! I’m pass/no passing this class anyway.
    4. Study while celebrating. Each time I finish a problem, I can take another shot.
  5. Tomorrow you have an interview for a potential summer internship. What do you do the night before?
    1. Nothing. … Do people actually prepare for interviews?
    2. Maybe practice my answers to common interview questions but I feel like there’s not much else I can do.
    3. Form a thorough interview guide based on all the other interviews I’ve had and keep practicing my answers. This job can lead to a good post-grad career.
    4. Getting smashed to get rid of my nerves.
  6. What are your plans after taking this quiz?
    1. Idk. Probs do the quiz on which UC Berkeley library I am.
    2. Go back to studying. This was my only study break!
    3. Go to Moffitt to finish my essay. I just had an epiphany that I’m really lazy and need to get my shit together.
    4. Read every other Daily Clog article I can in a single night.
    1. You’ve got a decent work ethic! Sure, you could work a little harder sometimes but at least you also know when to relax.
    2. We hate to say this, but you’re playing into the lazy millennial stereotype. You could do better.
    3. Treat. Yo. Self. You’re still in college and you’ll most likely get a job at Google or become a U.S. senator in the future. Either way, you’re a superstar.
    4. You’re not as lazy as you think. You’ve actually got it together. Congrats! But don’t think that means you can slack off. The grind never stops!


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