Unlock the Advantages That Come with Medical Marijuana Card

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Unlock Plenty of Perks with Your Medical Marijuana Card

Medical cannabis was legalized in California way back in 1996 with Prop. 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act. Twenty years later, recreational cannabis was finally legalized in 2016 with Prop. 64, better known as the Adult Use Act. Now two years years into recreational, the medical cannabis market hasn’t disappeared. In fact, the need for a CA recommendation is growing more rapidly than ever, and NuggMD can provide you with one in no time!medical marijuana card

Is Recreational Cannabis Legal All Across California?

Technically, yes, it’s legal in the state – but local municipalities are fighting against it. As of July 2018, there are 332 with full bans on commercial cannabis activities. However, more municipalities are in favor of MMJ.

Current numbers show that only 14% allow recreational cannabis dispensaries and 19% allow recreational cannabis deliveries, while 20% allow storefront medical dispensaries and 32% allow medical cannabis deliveries. This makes being an MMJ patient more important than it’s ever been, giving you a far better chance of finding a nearby dispensary.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Medical Cannabis Patient?

As a MMJ patient, you’re allowed to buy and possess more cannabis due to less restrictive purchase limits and increased possession limits. You’re exempt from state and some local sales taxes (with a MMIC), unlike recreational users who have to pay stiff taxes.

There’s significant legal framework protecting medical cannabis patients. You’re allowed to grow more of your own cannabis; dispensaries can only give free cannabis (like first time patient deals, gifts, etc.) to medical cannabis patients; and you’re protected from prosecution, as long as you posses/carry/grow the legal limit.

Cannabis is still illegal for anyone under the age of 21 without a medical cannabis card.* If you are, you’ll need a medical cannabis card to buy marijuana anywhere in California.

(*Due to Measure BB, backed and passed by Weedmaps, Santa Ana medical cannabis patients under the age of 21 cannot purchase cannabis without their parents’ or guardians’ presence.)

You’re also protected by HIPPA regulations so your medical cannabis records won’t show up in a background or pre-employment check.

What’s the Difference Between a Medical Marijuana Card and a Doctor’s Recommendation?

A medical marijuana ID card, or MMIC, is state-issued and puts you in a California database with a unique ID number; no personal and private info required! Plus, as mentioned, it saves you from state or local cannabis sales taxes.

Frankly, a recommendation from a doctor is the most common form of medical marijuana identification. Most MMJ patients never get a MMIC because the recommendation provides many of the same benefits without state registration.

Just remember: neither a MMIC nor doctor’s recommendation will do much good if you’re breaking the law. Trying sell cannabis illegally or possess more than your doctor recommends under the guise of an honorable patient will land you in hot water. They aren’t get-out- of-jail-free cards so don’t push your luck!

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How to Apply for a Doctor’s Recommendation

Simple: use NuggMD. As the leading telemedicine provider in California, their platform connects you with a registered MMJ doc on your laptop or smartphone in minutes. Their dedicated, personable doctors have provided over 250,000 CA recommendations on the easiest-to-use platform available.

Patients typically spend 15-20 minutes (but take all the time necessary) on the application process and pay the low price of $39 for the recommendation or $59 for a MMJ card and signed rec. Unlike other providers, you’re not charged if you aren’t certified. The people behind NuggMD aren’t trying to make a quick buck; they truly care about your health.

More NuggMD Perks

If you pay for a service, you want it to stick with you should you need help. That’s exactly what NuggMD does with their cannabis concierges which they provided, at no additional cost, to all patients. These cannabis experts are available everyday to address any questions or concerns you have about being a marijuana patient – legislation, products, prices, storefront vs cannabis delivery like Nugg — they have an answer for everything.

NuggMD was founded with the mindset that “the most important part of the cannabis industry isn’t the cannabis — it’s the cannabis consumer. After all, good cannabis isn’t hard to find anymore, but good customer service is. “ That’s why NuggMD will always do what is best for their patients.

Check out NuggMD today and find out for yourself if medical cannabis right for you!

Also be sure to check out Nugg Club. The easiest and fastest way to have your cannabis delivered to your doorstep.

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