Which beer you should drink depending on your mood

Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons

Happy International Beer Day! Feeling sad, excited or classy? For all of our readers of age, the Clog has compiled a list of beers to drink according to your mood. And of course, remember to drink responsibly!

Fun and flirty: Corona

With just a bit of sweetness in its taste, Corona is the perfect beer for those who are fun and flirty. Making eyes at someone across the room? Take a sip of Corona to let them know what’s up. With Corona being blue and gold, you’ll be showing your school spirit too. What a bonus! 

Relaxed: Budweiser

Nothing embodies cracking open a cold one with the friends more than Budweiser. When you feel like hanging out instead of raging at some crazy frat parties, Budweiser is there for you. So invite some friends over, kick your feet up and have some late-night chats. 

Disgusted: Bud Light

We’re warning you — the taste of Bud Light might give you flashes of gross frat parties. Even though you might have had some good times, you’ll never forget those nights of sticky floors, unusable bathrooms and the Chainsmokers playing on repeat.

Sad: Keystone

You’re already in pain with the school year starting, so why not torture yourself more by drinking Keystone? No shade here, but even frats won’t go near this beer. Doesn’t that tell you enough?

Excited: Modelo

What else would you drink? You’re in the greatest mood possible. With summer inevitably coming to an end, you’re ready to get back together with your college pals and party, with a few study sessions here and there. You just want to have fun even when school’s starting soon. It’s always Modelo time!

Classy: Any beer in a wine glass

Nothing makes you feel fancier than a tall, sleek wine glass. You can drink anything in a wine glass and feel like a Haas student. So even if you can’t enjoy the finer things in life, you can feel like the most sophisticated person by taking a sip of beer from a wine glass.

What sums up college more than having a cold one with some friends? We want to wish our readers who are at least 21 years old a Happy International Beer Day! And to those who are underaged, boba also makes a good substitute.

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