It’s the last stretch: Things to look forward to after this summer finals week

Emily Bi/Staff

Hello to our summer session folks. Your summer is almost here — it has been waiting for you for the past two months. Unfortunately, it’s only here to stay for a week. Well, to be exact, 12 days. We know — it’s such a short visit, but you’re the only one to blame. You chose your education over summer fun. But it’s worthwhile in the end, right? Hopefully? Here are ways you can spend your extremely long 12 days of summer once you’re finally free.


With midterms literally back to back and finals right after, there was just no time to sleep these past two months. Just think about those 12 days you’ll get to catch up on sleep because you surely won’t get any until winter break.

Outside Lands

Missed out on a bunch of summer parties? Thank God Outside Lands is held from August 10 to 12. With the Weeknd and Odesza in the lineup, you surely will have a fantastic time. After your finals, treat yourself! It’s what you deserve.

Hang out with your quarter friends

Literally right when Summer Session C started, the quarter system folks got out of school. Sad life. Take a couple of days to catch up with old friends. Those are always fun times.

Spontaneous camping trip

Channel your inner Golden Bear and live in nature for a couple of days. It’s definitely a wonderful way to relax and forget about the horror of a few months you just had. If you’re still in the area during your 12 days of summer, Marin County has many beautiful camping sites. Enjoy hikes around the coast with a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Foodie adventures

UC Berkeley is No. 1 in a lot of categories, but food, sadly, is not one of them. Some of you may be speeding home after finals, so make sure to stuff your faces with home-cooked meals. Not only should you try to hit up all your favorite food joints, but go and try new places as well! Go eat your problems away!


This is something we are all too used to. Go Bears! Summer classes were definitely draining, and because of the rapid pace of classes, your GPA might not be glowing right now. But it’s fine. I mean, we never thought taking summer classes would miraculously revive our deceased GPAs anyway, right?

However you decide to spend your days after this week, make sure you’re having the time of your life. You can finally relax and forget about school — that is, until it starts up again. Don’t take it for granted.

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