Moving into a new apartment? Make sure you have these essentials!

Vivian Roan/Staff

With the fall semester just around the corner, people are moving into new spaces all around Berkeley. If you got yourself a new apartment for the upcoming school year, chances are you are trying to figure out what to bring to make your time in your apartment the best. Here are some tips for essentials to bring to your apartment.

Personal furniture

Chances are that the apartment you rent isn’t going to be furnished. Which means all of the beds, desks, chairs, dressers and tables are things you are going to have to buy. Remember to buy these items — or have someone give them to you — while you have access to a couple sets of hands, as it can be too heavy and cumbersome for one person to carry alone.

Pots, pans and other things for cooking

At some point when living in your apartment, you’ll want some kind of food you can’t just get delivered. When that happens, you’ll want to cook, which requires the right cookware. Now, if you are hard-set on only getting food delivered, then these things are luxury items. If not, then they are a must, as they can make eating cheaper and life nicer in the moments when you really want a home-cooked meal.

Someone who is comfortable cooking

Along the same lines as cookware is having somebody who can do the cooking. All the stuff in the world does no good if no one is willing to go near the oven. It doesn’t necessarily have to be you, but make sure at least one person in the apartment is comfortable, or can be comfortable, cooking regularly before deciding to rely on that for food.

A way to get along with the people in your apartment

With the price of rent in Berkeley, there is a high chance that you are living with more than one person. A quick way to make life miserable in this situation is to stay away from the other people annoying and angering you every second. I mean, you can learn to love them, but why not make life easier and live with some friends? So find ways to get along with your roommates or, if all else fails, a way to remove yourself from them. Whether it’s going to a separate room or good noise-canceling headphones, please try to add less stress for yourself. 


Along the same line as the advice above, the best way to keep things on agreeable terms with roommates is to communicate with them frankly about any issues. An easy way to get people to hate each other is to leave passive-aggressive notes on the fridge instead of working out problems. This is also a good idea for when buying things for the apartment — you don’t know what’s wanted or what is already there until you communicate with your other roommates.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but tips on what you should have for your new apartment. All you really need to remember is bring the things that make your life easier during your day to day, and you will be set for this new step in your life.

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