Editor’s note: Berkeley’s legacy 2018

In the past century or so, Berkeley’s seen a heck of a lot. There have been riots and reform, gentrification and genetic research. So this week, The Daily Californian is focusing on Berkeley’s relationship with its history: how the events of the past continue to reverberate into the present day.

Berkeley’s nuclear history is everywhere — ”Nuclear Free” signs demarcate the city’s borders, and it was UC Berkeley professors who made major developments on the first nuclear weapons. But is enough being done to recognize this past? And is it still even relevant?

And as election seasons come up, we look at local government, past and present. Berkeley’s own City Council has made some groundbreaking decisions in the past, from recognizing marriage equality to establishing Indigenous Peoples’ Day. And around the Bay, UC Berkeley graduates are running for election to make their own statements on the community.

But most of all, it’s the people that make the city. Whether it’s the family-owned businesses that support our community or the basketball coach who devoted 12 years to Cal, Berkeley is built on a legacy of action. Here is its story.

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