Point Reyes National Seashore: Critters and views of Estero Trail

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AUGUST 08, 2018

Point Reyes National Seashore is only a one-hour drive away from our city of Berkeley. We at the Clog have previously stressed the importance of getting out and being “one with nature.” We definitely recommend Point Reyes National Seashore for its various trails, friendly critters and beautiful views.

Estero Trail is the highlighted trail of this travel piece. With a trail that leads to a fun little beach, not only is the journey a good time, but the destination adds some motivation to get through this five-hour round trip hike.


When you first enter Estero Trail, you’re greeted with amazing foliage. With tall trees and vibrant plants, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a new world. It’s such a relaxing trail that the stress of UC Berkeley is stripped from your mind.


Right off the bat, you’re greeted by one of the many estuaries that surround the trail. With many rivers and streams leading into the ocean, you still get the breeze of the ocean whenever you walk by them, so make sure to bring a jacket!


While walking along the estuary you might run into some wildlife. You’ll most likely spot some coyotes, deer and cows. No worries — you won’t run into any bears here. Just make sure to stay respectful. You’re the visitors here!


Estero Trail is full of beautiful plants! On our hike, we ran into so many daisies and other unknown flowers that will be sure to fill you with something you’ve been deprived of — happiness.


Right before we entered the beach, we spotted some cows that seemed like the gatekeepers of the beach. For our brave travelers, this is not a reason to turn back! Politely walk around the cows — they won’t bite.


The beach you reach wraps around to the unknown. However, many stop here just to enjoy the ocean breeze and serene view. Be careful not to step too close, as the sand becomes less and less sturdy as you walk closer to the water. We definitely advise you to stay near the outskirts of the beach. You’ll still get the same calming view, just without your foot stuck in the sand.

Turn back around or keep adventuring! Estero Trail is a lesser-known trail mainly used by locals, but it will definitely not disappoint! On your way back, just take some extra time to really appreciate the beauty of nature. Get your hiking boots on and set out to see some real nature!

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AUGUST 08, 2018