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Ways to ensure that your child will become a Golden Bear

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AUGUST 08, 2018

We all can’t wait to be done with our years at UC Berkeley. What we don’t want to admit is how bittersweet it’ll be to live a life outside of studying, mental breakdowns and Crossroads. We at the Clog are here to give you a second, third or even fourth chance to live out your UC Berkeley dreams — send your kids! Here are a few ways to get your future kids excited to be Golden Bears.

Make “Fight for California” their lullaby and alarm

Make this iconic song the beginning and the end of your child’s day. With this being the first and last thing they hear in a day, you’ll be sure to instill the Golden Bear spirit into your kids. Their first words might even be “fight for California.” What a win!

Surround them with blue and gold

The whole color scheme of the house should be blue and gold. Your kids’ closets should only be blue and gold — even their sock drawers should be adorned with bear-printed socks. Insert blue and gold into their lives so heavily that they’ll even bleed blue and gold.

Only get them bear or Berkeley-themed toys

Say goodbye to Barbies, G.I. Joes and more. In this household, we only know stuffed bears and figurines. Legos can have a pass, as long as they build a Lego-version of California Memorial Stadium with a giant (you guessed it) Golden Bear front and center — just make sure all the Legos are blue and gold, of course.

Act as if Oski is actual family

Talk to them about their weird Uncle Oski. Literally, make Oski an actual part of your family. Photoshop him into family photos, put clips of him into home videos and even have him over at your family functions. Either way, Oski should be your children’s favorite relative. Honestly, they should love him more than they love you.

Live next to campus

Relocate your family right next to campus. By the time your child gets into UC Berkeley, they’ll know the ins and outs of Dwinelle Hall and which dining halls to avoid (here’s a hint: all of them). Take your kid onto campus like it’s their playground. This way, you’ll give them happy memories of campus before being a student makes them hate the place.

Keep your legacy going and get your kids into the UC Berkeley spirit at an early age. With these tips and tricks, your whole family will be Golden Bears in no time!

Joyce Cam is the blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].

AUGUST 08, 2018