Welcome back to UC Berkeley! Pranks to pull on your roommates

Pixabay/Creative Commons

There’s nothing that says “welcome back” more than a few laughs with your roommates. We at the Clog want to start off the new school year with happiness, considering that it’ll disappear soon enough. Why not welcome your roommates back to UC Berkeley with a little surprise!

Set their alarms to “Fight for California”

There’s nothing better than waking up to one of Cal Band’s best numbers. This will be a treat for you too! If you can’t hack into their phones, make it your own alarm.

Hide small Shrek heads in their space

This is probably the best prank we have for you. Print out a few smaller Shrek heads and cut them out. The next step is to hide them in every nook and cranny of their space. A bonus to making this prank a little better is to tell them there are more Shrek heads than there actually are. Sure, they might lose their minds a little, but UC Berkeley does that to people already.

Ice them

Y’all know the drill. Hide Smirnoff Ice everywhere — their underwear drawers, their cookware cabinets, and strap one onto their faces before they wake up. To make things a little more interesting, hide one in their backpacks to ice them during class. What a prank!

Set their clocks 10 minutes faster

Give them extra Berkeley time. You might even make them get to classes on time! Watching them scramble in the morning to get ready will be a sight to see, even if that’ll probably be you in the next few minutes too. It’ll also be a fun surprise when they walk into the last few minutes of another class.

Switch out their Hydro Flasks out with a dupe

This might take some researching to find a fake Hydro Flask. Your roommate will be surprised to find that their water didn’t stay cold all day.

Welcome your roommates back with some fun! We’re warning you that this might cause trust issues or even a prank war between you and your roommate, but anything to distract you from the pain of being a UC Berkeley student is worth it!

Joyce Cam is the blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].