The biggest catfishes you’ll see at UC Berkeley

Lorenz Gonzales/File

“Catfish” co-host Max Joseph has announced his departure from the seven-season show on Twitter. With his final episode airing Aug. 22 (aka the first day of instruction at UC Berkeley), we at the Clog couldn’t pass up the chance to reveal our own catfishes, since Max won’t get the chance.

UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley itself is by far the biggest catfish that UC Berkeley students have faced. With its titles, such as “No. 1 public university in the world,” and its promises of the best education, we are tricked as naive high schoolers into thinking that UC Berkeley will be nothing but good times and happiness. However, after your first semester here, you’ll quickly realize that everything you knew before was wrong.

Dwinelle Hall

On the outside, Dwinelle looks like a simple building. With a flat and straight appearance, you would think that the interior would match the exterior. Well, you’re wrong — again. The inside of Dwinelle is actually more confusing than your years here at UC Berkeley. With odd stairs and weirdly labeled levels, even as a senior, you’ll still take an extra five minutes to find your class.

Cal Dining

Cal Dining was named No. 2 in Best Colleges’ “Best Dining Halls” because of how “green” it is. Although we will acknowledge Cal Dining’s environmentally friendly initiative, we still have our doubts about the food served, especially at Crossroads.

That one frat guy

So you met this guy at a frat party and you totally “vibed” with him. Chad from Theta Delta Apple Sandwich said he would totally hit you up after the party so y’all can get to know each other. Lo and behold, it’s been two years, and you haven’t talked to him again.

Office hours

So, this one is a wild card. There is a chance that your professors’ and GSIs’ office hours will be helpful, but this scenario is highly unlikely. Office hours are usually portrayed as a great time to ask questions and talk to your professors. In reality, you’ll be sitting there awkwardly for a few minutes while trying to think of questions to ask.

We at the Clog want to help lessen your chance of getting catfished. Of course, you should still come to UC Berkeley, but at least now you’ll know what to expect.

Joyce Cam is the blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].