6 ways to help ease the stress of the new school year

Abhi Sharma/Creative Commons

School starts in a week. I’ll just let that sink in before you start panicking about all the things you need to do before school starts. To help alleviate your pre-school stress, here’s a list of everything you should do to prepare for the school year and to enjoy the last precious moments of freedom before academics start dominating your life again and you gradually forget the simple pleasures of life.

  1. Hit up Staples, Cal Student Store and Target. Before the swarm of students returns and the town of Berkeley is depleted of all office supplies, make sure to take a trip to buy the necessities. Not only that but if your professor already released the list of textbooks you’ll need, try to get first dibs on the cheapest options.
  2. Follow through with catching up with friends. The school year begins. You hit up old friends and say you need to catch up. Then the first wave of midterms comes. Then the second wave of midterms. Then it’s suddenly finals, and you can’t remember the last time you’ve seen your friends. So make time before classes begin to follow through on your commitments to your friends and keep your social life somewhat alive.
  3. Day-drink. Because you can, so why not? The next time you can do this probably won’t be until Cal Day — which is a little more than 200 days from now.
  4. Cry a little. Give yourself that small breakdown a little earlier in the year so you don’t have to spend time doing it during midterms and finals — let’s be real, every minute is valuable during exams season.
  5. Try new things that you keep telling yourself you’ll do. The town of Berkeley and the overall Bay Area are some of the most lively, exciting places to live. During the school year, you keep telling yourself you’ll go to Oakland First Fridays on Telegraph Avenue, finally order a fish bowl at Kip’s or explore San Francisco more, and sadly it never happens. So now is the time to do it as you move back to Berkeley and have way too much free time on your hands.
  6. Start class reading. Lol jk. Go and live your best life. 

School’s starting a lot sooner than you think! If you haven’t treated yourself all summer, you might want to start now.

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