The Clog’s guide to making friends with your floormates

Rachael Garner/File

Many people think that your roommates should be your best friends, but they aren’t the only ones you’ll be spending all year with! Floormates are just as good as roommates — if anything, even better. They’re people you can see when you want, and when you don’t want to, you can escape to your dorm. We at the Clog know how awkward freshman year can be in terms of making friends and being social. We’re here to come to the rescue, as per usual. Here are some tips for making friends with your floormates!

Leave your door open to welcome people in

Get a doorstop for cheap at Daiso Japan and keep your door open when you’re feeling social. You might see people quickly pass by, but those brave enough will actually stop to say hello. These are the people you want to be friends with! Leaving your door open just lets people know to come in and hang out.

Don’t make it awkward in the bathrooms

Odds are, you’re on a floor with a coed, communal bathroom. You’re bound to have some awkward encounters with your fellow floormates. If you happen to run into your floormate half-naked, getting out of the shower, just hit them up with a hello, smile and walk away. Don’t stress about it and run in the other direction. If you’re brushing your teeth at the same time as your floormate, make sure to wait until they’re done brushing to start up a conversation.

Invite them to boba

Nothing brings UC Berkeley students together more than boba. Knock on some doors or hang out in the lounge to ask your fellow floormates to make a trip to one of the many boba shops. After your boba run, you’ll be sure to be more acquainted and comfortable with your floormates. Maybe boba runs at 2 a.m. will become a tradition!

Have a movie night or game night

Your dorm may be too small to host a gathering with your floor. Make sure to utilize the lounges you have access to! You won’t know what you had until you move into an apartment where your living room has to become a converted bedroom. Watch a movie or check out some games and have fun!

Follow them on social media

There’s no better way to get to know your floormates than through their social media. With liking their photos on Instagram or their statuses on Facebook, you’ll be sure to become a friendly face, even if it’s through your profile picture. Social media also tells a lot about a person and what they’ve done. Next time you see them in the hall, you can ask them about their trip to Europe — in a noncreepy way, of course.

Become Venmo friends with them

Being Venmo friends is the new Facebook friends. Venmo can let you go on spontaneous adventures with your floormates. Now, people can’t give you the excuse of not hanging out because they don’t have money on them. If you forget your wallet or they forget theirs, Venmo will solve your problems and help build friendships.

Play iPhone games with them

This is also an easy way to ask them for their number. Playing iPhone games lets you bond with them without the whole physical interaction. It’ll be even better when they lose. You can even start up some type of iPhone game tournament on your floor! And if one of your floormates has an Android … well, maybe it’s safe to stay away? Or you can start up a tournament with Facebook games.

You don’t only have to become besties with your roommates! You have a whole floor of potential friends. So get out of your comfort zone and get to know the other people you’ll be living with for the school year.

Joyce Cam is the blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].