Athletics department, men dominate highest-paid UC positions, according to payroll report

Elina Blazhiyevska/Staff

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The UC system released its annual payroll report in August, detailing employee compensation for 2017 in a continued effort to promote transparency and accountability.

At UC Berkeley, seven of the 10 highest-paid employees are in the athletics department, according to the database. Funding for coaches’ salaries comes from athletic department revenue, which includes ticket sales and television revenue, according to campus spokesperson Janet Gilmore.

“As in previous years, the top 10 earning employees at UC in 2017 (based on total pay) were health sciences faculty members, typically world-renowned specialists in their fields, and athletic coaches,” the report said.

The funding sources for employee compensation come from various sources, too — about 42 percent of the funding comes from sources associated with the UC’s teaching hospitals; 23 percent from state funds, UC general funds and tuition; 4 percent from other student fees and the remaining 31 percent from sources including the federal government, endowments and gifts.

UC employees compete in different labor markets, which helps fuel the disparity in compensation, the report states.

“Salaries for general campus tenured and tenure-track faculty lags the market by 12 percent,” the report said, citing a 2014 update. “An inability to address below market salaries weakens UC’s ability to attract and retain high-performing faculty and staff, particularly as other institutions become more competitive and attractive.”

UC employees all have a base pay rate, but those in different departments can earn extra pay through other means, according to the report. For example, professors and lecturers can earn more through teaching summer classes or conducting sponsored research.

Employee compensation accounted for about 46 percent of UC’s $33.2 billion operating expenses in the 2016-2017 fiscal year, with benefits totaling another 19 percent, according to the report.

There is only one woman in the top 20 highest-compensated employees at UC Berkeley: Lindsay Gottlieb, the head coach for women’s basketball. Chancellor Carol Christ’s salary of $531,939 will bump her to the top 20 in the 2018 fiscal year, but since she only worked for half of 2017, she fell lower on the list, according to campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof.

Claire Doan, spokesperson for the UC Office of the President said the UC system is working to increase gender and racial diversity among faculty and staff.

Doan said the UC is working to increase the number of faculty members who are first-generation graduates, build a “diverse pipeline” in STEM fields and implement pilot programs on some campuses to help increase employment opportunities for underrepresented faculty.

“In recent years, we’ve expanded efforts to recruit, support and retain diverse faculty and leadership at each of our campuses,” Doan said in an email. “We are also cultivating academic and professional work environments where underrepresented minorities and women faculty can thrive.”

The report did not include data on the demographics of employees.

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