Editors’ Note: Aug. 24

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Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

Welcome back! In this issue of the Weekender, writers waved goodbye to the last days of summer with articles and creative pieces reflecting on the past three months.

We’ve highlighted on-campus happenings, from major strides made in student research to physical changes that have transformed our local landscape. Continuing with our research series, Priyanka Athalye interviewed summer research fellow Gregory Devine on his research in music and mood. Kat Fadrilan expanded on the changes to campus that quietly occurred during the summer and which, much like the semester’s arrival, sneaked up before confronting us full-force.

We’re also traveling abroad, reminiscing about the places we’ve explored beyond Berkeley and the things we’ve learned along the way. Raina Yang and Jacqueline Moran took a trip down memory lane, reflecting on their experiences of European travel through creative flash fiction and critical commentary, respectively.

To round out this week’s issue, Madelyn Peterson contributed a short story about a man’s reincarnation as a deeply rooted individual.