Editor’s note: The Bears are back

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The leaves have turned, classes have started and all the Bears are back on campus. This time of year is often one of flux, as course schedules get settled and students get started in new jobs, clubs and experiences. It can be overwhelming and exhilarating — a jump into the unknown.

With this issue, we hope to provide a guide during the turbulent time that is the fall semester. Read about the best parks of Berkeley, where you can go to relax from classes and take in the city’s natural landscape. Or point your eyes skyward and check out the celestial events happening this semester — they include everything from meteor showers to constellation showings. And it’s also a big election year, so read up on the candidates and make the most of your vote.

There’s so much to discover in Berkeley, both on campus and off. Enjoy your time back here, and explore all you can this semester.