The Clog’s guide to Late Night for UC Berkeley’s youngsters

Alexander Hong/Staff

It happened. We, the people, cried out and the administration listened. Yes, Late Night is back, meaning students can once again indulge themselves between the late hours of 10 p.m. – 1:30 a.m. To many youngsters (i.e. freshmen and sophomores), Late Night is a new concept. Many have heard of its legacy and the angry protests of their elders when it was cancelled, but they may not know exactly what it is or how to even go about experiencing it. We at the Clog are just so excited that Late Night is back, and we want to give all the freshmen and sophomores a little guide to navigating Crossroads and Foothill Late Night.

Be nice to the dining staff

It’s way too late for anyone to be rude to the hardworking staff. Just like you’ve had a long day, they’ve definitely had one too. Please be respectful and clean up after yourself. You’re an adult, so try and act like one. Chicken strips aren’t worth ruining someone’s day.

It’s never a bad night to go to Late Night

It’s common to tell yourself, “It’s 12 a.m. on a Wednesday night, there’s no reason for me to be craving a California burrito.” Please, put those thoughts aside. Every night is a good night to go to Late Night, except Fridays and Saturdays of course, when it’s closed. The freshman fifteen comes for everyone no matter how hard you try, so you might as well enjoy yourself in the process.  

Mozzarella sticks are always the way to go

This might be a biased, not lactose intolerant-friendly opinion, but if you can eat mozzarella, order the mozzarella sticks. You won’t regret it. We dream about them nearly every night.

Use Late Night as a way to socialize with friends

You’re only a freshman once, which means this is the only time you’ll have the energy and the will to try and make friends. Well, that’s not true for everyone, but the best time to make strong connections is early on in your college career, so take advantage of Late Night’s social atmosphere and talk to people! Some of our best memories of freshman year were at Late Night, and we went there with some of our closest friends.   

Don’t try to study there

It’s the night before your midterm, and you’re really in the mood for chocolate chip pancakes. You may tell yourself, “I can go to Late Night and study at the same time! It’s a win-win!” Well, we hate to break it to you, but that’s an extremely naive way of thinking. It’s just like telling yourself that you’ll “study in the morning.” Just put your notes down and get your food without the pressure of trying to study. It’s impossible to get anything done with the noise and friends around, so take it as a chance to take a break from studying.

If you don’t have meal points, find a freshman

This tip is for the upperclassmen of UC Berkeley. Late Night is easy to get to when you’re living in the dorms, but once you’ve moved away and don’t have meal points, it might be less appealing. So expand your network of friends and meet some freshmen! Of course, don’t just befriend them for their meal points and try and get to know them first. But meal points are a nice bonus.

As we’ve learned from last year, good things often come to an end. There’s no telling what changes will be made to Late Night in the years to come, so take advantage of it as long as you have meal points, a freshman friend with meal points and a young body with an equally young metabolism. You’ll miss all the food and conversations you’ll have at Late Night, so utilize it while you can.

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