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Essential items you should bring to lecture on a daily basis

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AUGUST 26, 2018

Getting prepared for all your classes this semester is the first informal homework assignment you’ll get this fall. From finding the correct textbook edition via extensive Amazon searches, to making sure you have an extremely specific type of calculator that you’ll only use once, the list of necessities you must bring to each lecture seems to grow more and more complex with each semester. Here are five essentials that weren’t included on the syllabus that’ll help start your semester off with a bang:

Your phone

The one hour of your time spent in lecture learning also means a hour away from your precious social media. Instead of processing the boring material discussed in your technical class, your mind will be consumed by the thought of all the life-changing posts you’re missing out on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. How will you make it through the entire period without seeing how many likes your latest Instagram post has gotten? I mean, it’s nearly impossible! I’m sure your professor will understand, especially if you’ve got 1,000 followers to keep tabs on.

Your lunch

Being a college student means getting accustomed to the struggle of having a packed schedule at all times. From running to classes to heading out to meetings, it’s hard to find time to sneak in a quick bite, so why not multitask and bring your meal to lecture? The small pull-out tables attached to every seat are perfect for you to place your footlong sandwich on. You’re bound to go unnoticed munching your way through lecture in a hall of 500 people. The stares of your neighbor are definitely just because they’re jealous of your ingenious idea.

Your attention span

While it may seem like paying attention in class is your primary responsibility as a student, you’d be surprised by how many times you seem to leave this behind at home underneath your fuzzy blankets and thick comforter. Be sure that when you pack your bag with the required books and materials, you don’t forget to throw in your willingness to learn, which is the most important and crucial school supply of all.

Your favorite pair of shoes

When it comes to stylizing your everyday college outfit, your shoe game is crucial. Wearing your beloved kicks to lecture will definitely give the fashion-forward impression you’re trying to achieve. Although you may experience some people accidentally stepping on your shoes as they try to wriggle their way down the cramped lecture row, it’ll all be worth it in the end when you realize how much attention everyone will be paying to your truly captivating footwear.

Work for your other classes

College students are no strangers to procrastination. We’ve all looked at the clock and realized that our homework for our next class is due in T minus one hour, but we’ve also realized that we have another lecture to go to in 10 minutes. What do you do? Bring your math assignment to lecture while you simultaneously try to understand the history lesson going on right before your eyes. Why bother spreading out your homework problems throughout the week when cramming all of them in at once the day of gets the job done just fine?

Fall semester is in full swing, and it’s time to really re-evaluate what’s in your bag. Take these five things to all of your lectures, and you’ll definitely leave a mark in the room — or at the very least, a few crumbs from the sandwich you were eating.

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AUGUST 26, 2018