Quiz: How stressed out are you already?

Jessica Khauv/Staff

We know it’s only been a few days of school, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t felt stressed already — that’s what being a Golden Bear is all about. Are you really a UC Berkeley student if you don’t instantly feel like you have too many things to do and not enough time to do them? Take our quiz to find out your real stress level!

  1. How much money have you spent on textbooks already?
    1. Too much
    2. Everything is online
    3. Half of my tuition
    4. Maybe like $100?
  2. Did you get a “syllabus day”?
    1. In and out of class in about 10 minutes!
    2. Yeah, but it took the whole hour
    3. What’s a syllabus?
    4. Berkeley has a “syllabus day”?
  3. How far behind are you on the readings?
    1. I took the last week of my summer to catch up!
    2. I am already four chapters ahead of schedule!
    3. I am already 10 chapters behind schedule
    4. Again … what readings?
  4. How packed are your days?
    1. I have 8 a.m.’s every day
    2. I don’t start until the late afternoon
    3. I’m on campus for more than six hours straight
    4. It’s whatever tbh
  5. Which organizations are you thinking about joining?
    1. GREEK LIFE!!
    2. I’ve heard the Daily Californian is pretty cool?
    3. You’ll definitely see me at all the a capella events
    4. AFX all the way. There’s nothing better than boba and dancing!
  6.  What are you doing between classes?
    1.  Going home! Even if it’s only for 30 minutes, I can have a little snack.
    2. Hanging out in Moffitt. I need to stay ahead!
    3. Taking a fat nap on Memorial Glade!
    4. I have back-to-back classes from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    1. Congrats! You’re one of the chosen ones! You can actually go to UC Berkeley without being stressed out of your mind. You’re good at prioritizing and can basically do it all.
    2. Please relax. You definitely need to take a nap for the whole semester. You’re stressing just to stress.
    3. You’re just getting used to the idea of stressing out, so you feel a bit overwhelmed, but it’s nothing you can’t handle!
    4. You eat stress for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You stress out about not being stressed out.

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