A letter to UC Berkeley’s lovely Blackwell Hall residents

Karen Chow/Senior Staff

Dear Blackwell Hall residents,

Welcome to your tape.

You might think you’re on top of the world living in the luxurious David Blackwell Hall with your fancy gym, hardwood floors and hotel-like bathrooms. But we’re here to keep you humble and inform you that it all goes downhill from here.

You see, we former and current residence hall occupants have experienced shitty housing from the moment we stepped foot on campus. From the rocket-blasting showers to our tiny gym equipped with only four machines that are shared among thousands of students, we have experienced it all. But living in the units has kept us humble.

With these low expectations in mind, all apartments we’ve ever toured seemed much more luxurious than the units. We can’t say the same for you, our Blackwell residents. You’re part of the 1 percent. Most apartments you’ll tour will not compare to the extravagant Blackwell residence hall you’re so used to. Unless you decide to live by Equinox gym in the bougie Parker Apartments.

We’re not here to attack you, but rather prepare you to face the brutal real world of Berkeley housing. Not every apartment will be as spacious, nor have its own gym. Soak in the large social spaces, game room, fancy bathrooms, bedrooms and many more accommodations, because it’ll all be gone in less than a year. It’s sad but completely true.


Your friends at the Clog

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