The 7 people you’ll see this game day

Lianne Frick/File

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. That’s right, it’s game day season. As Cal fans rush to California Memorial Stadium in droves to cheer on the Bears, game days bring an unparalleled level of excitement and energy to Berkeley. Some die-hards arrive an hour before kickoff while others pass out before the game even starts, but Cal enthusiasts young and old all spend the day reveling in the glory of the spirit of California. With the opening game of the season rapidly approaching, here are a few people you’ll likely encounter while celebrating the festivities.

Chad from Theta Apple Pie

He’ll probably be standing on the porch or roof of his fraternity, wearing a Cal bro tank and shotgunning Natty Lites. Be wary of approaching him, as he may spill the questionable contents of his red Solo cup onto you in his inebriated state.

The belligerent alumnus

Game days draw generations of Cal fans to Berkeley, and there will undoubtedly be graduates of the class of 1978, reminiscing of the glory days and trying to rally students to sing the old classic, the “California Drinking Song.”

The EECS student heading to the library

It might be game day, but for some students, the academic grind never stops. That lab isn’t going to code itself!

The glitter-bearing sorority girl

On game days, sorority women tend to travel in flocks, decked out in matching tube tops and skirts, finessing their way into parties in violation of four different fire codes. Because really, what is game day except an excuse to buy a $45 skirt and get wasted at a dayger?

The freshman who actually goes to the game

Donning their free T-shirts and lanyards, freshmen constitute a large portion of students who actually make it to the game. Even though their tickets aren’t free anymore, younger students tend to actually care about the fate of Cal football, compared to their older, more jaded counterparts.

The random Cal mom at a frat party

Few things are as startling as watching a mom whose name is probably Sharon get freaky on the dance floor of a frat. We get it, Sharon, you partied in college, but don’t you have a book club meeting you’re supposed to be at?

If you’re lucky, Oski himself

If you hang around in the vicinity of the stadium for long enough, you might encounter the most infamous figure to all of the Cal fandom. The bright yellow cardigan and what can only be described as a skipping waddle are iconic characteristics of our beloved (or feared?) mascot Oski. Stick around and you could go home with a picture of the possessed teddy bear who will haunt your dreams for weeks to come.

Stay safe out there on game day, and as always, go Bears!

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