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Eat Outside Day: Best spots on campus to eat outside

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AUGUST 30, 2018

Happy Eat Outside Day! In Berkeley, we are blessed to have a campus with trees, fresh-ish air and plenty of places to enjoy a nice day out. For this year’s Eat Outside Day, we at the Clog want to encourage you to stop wasting your time eating in MLK or Moffitt and explore your outdoor surroundings to eat and enjoy a view at the same time instead!

Next to Dwinelle Hall, along Strawberry Creek


You may see some people coming out from the side of Dwinelle and, odds are, you’ve never felt the need to go see what was there. What better reason to check out this spot than Eat Outside Day! In between Dwinelle and Strawberry Creek is a cute little path with benches to sit and eat. You’ll get the serene sounds of the creek and the unexpectedly comforting sounds of students getting lost in Dwinelle. It’s a win-win!

Right in the middle of Sproul


If you’re someone who likes action, eating right in the middle of Sproul during prime flyering hours is the way to go! Just lay out a blanket and start pigging out. Here, you’ll get lunch and a show! See how many people flyering get rejected or how many people actually accept!

Sixth floor of Chou Hall


This new building comes with sleek and sophisticated designs. The sixth floor of Chou Hall is full of new tables, chairs and fresh air. The view is even more amazing. You can see the Bay Area in all of its glory. You might run into snakes, but it’s worth the trouble. You’ll be totally relaxed while eating some good food and enjoying the breeze.

New patch of grass next to Evans


Again, patches of grass are the greatest spots to eat outside. With the temperature warming up a bit (slowly but surely), staying on the grass will keep you and your food cool. The patch of grass next to Evans Hall sits right next to Memorial Glade. You’ll get the full experience of the glade without the crowd.

Observatory Hill


Right next to McCone, Observatory Hill is a nice place to relax and munch on some goodies. Without lots of UC Berkeley students brave enough to go up the hill that leads to this spot, you’ll be sure to eat undisturbed. If you do see students, they’re probably EECS majors trying to get to Soda, so again, you won’t be disturbed here.

Little rooftop by Doe Library (by the stairs next to the seal)


Do you see those fun graduation photos taken by Doe Library where students sit on a ledge? Well, we’ve found it for you! This spot provides a grassy area, as well as benches and concrete, for you to get comfortable however you please.

Anywhere you can spot the Campanile


Anywhere you can see the Campanile is a good spot on campus. Whether it be on a roof, balcony or steps of a building, there’s no better view to have while eating than of the Campanile.

So get one with nature, Bears. Pack or buy your lunch and pop a squat on our beautiful campus! Happy Eating Outside Day!

Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].

AUGUST 30, 2018