CalCentral error delays display of scheduling changes

Jenna Wong/Staff

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For some UC Berkeley students, CalCentral is taking several hours to display scheduling changes.

The delay can easily be avoided, according to the Student Information Systems, or SIS, website, by using the “Back to My Academics” button to return to the homepage after making a scheduling change. Exact instructions on how to avoid the lag are detailed on the SIS website, under “Known Issues.”

The delay only applies to the display seen by users on CalCentral — students’ enrollment changes are being immediately and correctly applied in the system, even if CalCentral does not immediately reflect a change.

“The Student Information Systems team became aware of this issue at the start of the Fall Term,” said SIS Support Services Director Jane Valentine in an email. “We believe that (the delay) affected a relatively small number of students.”

For changes made without using the “Back to My Academics” button, CalCentral will update automatically to reflect the changes within eight hours, according to the SIS website.

The issue caught the attention of at least one academic adviser. In an email to her department, Leah Flanagan, undergraduate adviser for the history department, said the issue seemed “important” and directed students regarding how to avoid it.

Valentine said SIS is aware of the issue and is working on an update that will solve the problem, which users can expect Oct. 7. SIS notified the campus community about the error and how to avoid it in a post on its website Wednesday.

In October 2017, CalCentral had a data entry error that resulted in hundreds of enrollment dates being changed without notification. Students were able to enroll in their classes earlier than their scheduled enrollment appointments, but the “premature” enrollments were soon cleared by the Office of the Registrar.

University news editor Francesca Munsayac and assistant news editor Sophia Brown-Heidenreich contributed to this report. 

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