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Different ways you can use the crap you got from Caltopia

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SEPTEMBER 03, 2018

Caltopia is the promised land for free handouts. Ice cream? Tote bags? Hats? Even more tote bags? Sign us up. But will you really use those three webcam covers you got from United Airlines? Probably not. So what will we actually do with everything we’ve sneakily (and not-so-sneakily) snagged from the many tables at the event? The Clog is here to share our expertise on what exactly you should do with all that stuff from Caltopia.

Use the stickers for convenient hair removal.

Feeling hairy in a place you don’t want to feel hairy? These stickers do just the trick. They’re intended to stick to water bottles and computers, so that means they’ll stick to hair as well. You don’t have to worry any longer if you have a pesky patch behind your left knee. Peel the back off of an Amazon sticker, place it on the desired area and let ‘er rip.

Build your own rock climbing wall with PopSockets.

No matter how hard you try to pull them off of your phone, they just won’t come off. That must mean they’re reliable enough to hold your weight as you use them to scale the ceiling of your room. Just peel off the backs and alternatingly slap them on your desired wall. Lyft marketing has got your back.

Actually wear the T-shirts!

We all know that laundry is a hassle, so instead of whining or wearing smelly, day-old clothes, wear some of the free shirts you got at Caltopia! This is a great way to humblebrag that you were one of the lucky ones to actually snag a T-shirt.

Put the tote bags on your head so people won’t talk to you.

If you can’t see them, they can’t see you. If you’re just not in the mood for talking to people, place the Naked bag over your head and keep moving on with your day. Feel free to cut holes where your ears are so you can listen closely for who to avoid.

Stick the phone card holders on your walls as mini storage units.

Whether they’re to hold your cash, Post-it Notes or toothpicks, those little silicone holders come in handy when you have way too much stuff to store. Stick them to the window, to the wall, on a backpack or on a friend and hoard away.

Shove pens and/or pencils in your ears to drown out noise.

Roomie being noisy in the wee hours of the night? The people sitting next to you in the library won’t stop chatting? Is there a small dog nearby that yaps every five seconds? You know the drill. Pens and pencils are an innovative way to block out noise so that you don’t have to listen to someone talk about how they dropped their full salad bowl in Cafe 3 and simply walked away from it.

Wear all of the sunglasses you got one on top of another.

This is purely for fashion purposes. 

If you still can’t find a way to use all that stuff from Caltopia, just toss it in the trash with everyone else’s. We’re sure no one will miss that junk.

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SEPTEMBER 03, 2018