If your friends were Berkeley’s favorite boba places

Amanda Ramirez/Staff

We all love our friends but we all also love boba! For some of us, boba is our friend. Here’s what personalities the Clog thinks UC Berkeley students’ favorite go-to boba shops would have if they were our friends.

RareTea — formerly called TeaOne

RareTea is your reliable friend. People don’t always appreciate its constant support, but RareTea will always be there for you when you need it the most, even after its name change. It has good tea but it’s not tea you haven’t had from someplace else. RareTea is the friend that’ll listen to you vent for hours without saying a word. It also has a habit of procrastinating, so give it plenty of time to help out with favors.


Sharetea is the go-to place to get support for joining a club or donating to a good cause, so it comes as no surprise that Sharetea will always support your weirdest flavor combos for the good cause of satisfying your tea cravings. You can always trust that it will have the tea you want. Sharetea is the cool friend that usually hangs out with a lot of freshmen. It also has the best throwback playlist out of any of your other friends.

Tea Press

This friend has everything and is willing to share it all with you. If aloe or boba isn’t what your feeling, Tea Press has got you covered. Whatever your mood is, there’s a drink and topping for that at Tea Press. It even has options if you’re hungry! It’s got food from candy to bento boxes. You and your other friends may consider Tea Press as the cool mom of the group. It may take some time to warm up to Tea Press, but once you guys are friends, an unbreakable bond is formed.


This friend is your “rich friend.” U-Cha owns at least one Gucci product and swears by Calvin Klein underwear. It has expensive taste, made even more obvious by its popularity among others. U-Cha can be hard to connect to because it seems far from it all, but if you’re willing to go the extra mile in the relationship, the rewards can be great. Just make sure you don’t accidentally start adopting the same spending habits because let’s face it — you aren’t U-Cha.

Sweetheart Café

Sweetheart Café is the friend you met in lecture. You aren’t sure if the relationship will last after the semester but you try to gain what you can while you have it. You try to seek a friendship beyond convenience but sometimes it’s hard to when you have other friends you’ve known for a while. Let’s just say that if you and Sweetheart Café don’t stay friends, it won’t come as a surprise.

Purple Kow

Purple Kow is your wholesome friend. It’s ready to tell you a joke or make you smile when you’re tired from a long day of classes. Purple Kow is known for its unique style but that’s what makes it special! Sometimes you want to talk to someone who doesn’t seem fake and then you remember that Purple Kow lives just past Starbucks!

So that’s the tea on the tea in Berkeley! It turns out our Berkeley boba preferences are not much different from our preferences for the people we are drawn to on campus!

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