The many life lessons that Kiwi Bots teach us every day

Karen Chow/Senior Staff

Everyone has seen Kiwi Bots but not many people are actually sure why they’re around. Maybe it’s to act as an example for our own lives, a role model for us to look up to, even though we have to look down to see them. Here are some life lessons as learned from our mysterious robot companions.

Slow down if you see an obstacle 

Kiwi Bots always slow down or stop before crossing a street and approaching curbs. The lesson here is that if something difficult or dangerous is approaching you in your own life, don’t go charging headlong into it. Instead, take your time to make sure you’re going to approach it in the right way. Calculate, then act.

Find little ways to have fun

Kiwi Bots chase squirrels just for the fun of it. Find what is fun for you in your life and make it a part of your daily life. Don’t just go from lecture to lecture or from worksheet to problem set. Give yourself a little bit of time to do what makes you happy and then go back to your work, much like how a Kiwi Bot will get back to where it’s going after chasing a squirrel.

When you’ve earned it or you need it, take a break

Sometimes you’ll find Kiwi Bots in a group just hanging out at a nondescript location. Maybe this is their way of telling us to take a break after finishing what we need to for that day. Just taking a break with friends in order to get away from work will help keep you sane.

All it takes to brighten someone’s day is a smile

For a first-time viewer, it’s a happy surprise when Kiwi Bots wink and smile at passers-by. If it works for robots who have faces then it should work for you. Bring a little positivity to the lives of the people around you with a simple smile and you might just get one in return.

Have a friend who will always help you out of a tight spot

This is a shoutout to the people on bikes who pick up and carry home the Kiwi Bots when the world gets to be too much. Without them, Kiwi Bots would be abandoned and eventually stop working. Same goes for your life. Have people around you who will help you get away when the world is too much. Without them, you would also be abandoned and eventually buckle under the strain.

The world isn’t collectively out to get you

People will occasionally knock Kiwi Bots onto their sides. However, there is always somebody who sets them right again. There are people in life who want to keep you down and will laugh and judge you for your mistakes. The Kiwi Bots show that for every one of these people there is another who will help you get up again.

So next time you see these little rovers moving across campus maybe stop a second and watch them. Who knows what the next piece of wisdom they’ll dole out will be.

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