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Fashion trends to incorporate into your wardrobe this fall

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SEPTEMBER 06, 2018

The beginning of the fall semester not only signifies a time to catch up on your studies and with your friends but also signifies a time to explore the latest fashion trends of the season. After all, shopping for a back-to-school wardrobe counts as school supply shopping … right? Being one of the thousands of students on campus makes it essential to personalize your daily look and add a semblance of style, especially with the weather seeming to only get colder.

Pro tip: dressing to impress will greatly improve your motivation to go to your morning lectures.

Dad shoes

Remember the days when dad style was considered the farthest thing from fashion? It looks like we’ve entered some alternative universe, because chunky sneakers that weigh a ton are flying off the shelves this season. Even designer brands such as Gucci and Balenciaga have taken note of this widespread trend. While Kylie Jenner may be the youngest billionaire, she still manages to adhere to a casual, laid-back look with her dad-esque Adidas Yung-1 shoes on.

Pants with pizazz

Tired of wearing your ordinary blue jeans every single day? Although they’re a staple to have, it’s time to deviate out of your comfort zone. As the months get colder, spice up your everyday outfit by purchasing a pair of pants that’ll make the simplest of outfits pop. Combine striped, graphic, plaid or animal print pants with any plain top for a unique look to wear to class.

Multicolored apparel

Color is in, and it’s not just a phase! While it may seem easy to wear achromatic colors for the rest of your life (or blue and gold in support of a college near and dear to your heart), incorporating more colors into your outfit adds a youthful charm and carefree air into your style, regardless of whether you’ve just finished your second midterm that day. You’ll be sure to capture a few onlookers’ gazes as you walk through Sather Gate, whether you’re wearing color from head to toe or just a splash of it.

Puffer jackets

Protect yourself from the cold with a thick puffer jacket. Before you start to snicker at such a request, puffer jackets have also completely reinvented themselves in the ever changing world of fashion. This pink puffer jacket adds a touch of femininity to your look with its pastel hue, while this one from North Face gives off sporty vibes, perfect for wearing outdoors.

Graphic collared shirts

If you thought that only T-shirts could include graphic designs on them, you’re definitely in for a surprise. The classic collared shirt, with its deep-rooted image as a plain white work attire piece, has transcended into an item that all demographics can wear to blur the lines of professionalism and fun. This bowling-inspired shirt from Prada is on the pricier side but incorporates the element of blending two unique designs, making it the holy grail of button-downs. This Supreme x Mike Kelley shirt is another great piece with a variety of colors, textures and objects included in its graphic that spans the entire top.

Although it has reached that time of year when we must put away our swimwear and short shorts, there’s no need to be sad because the fall and winter months are equally delightful. See it as an opportunity for us to finally wear our jackets and pants without breaking a sweat in the process.

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SEPTEMBER 07, 2018