Quiz: Which Bay Area bridge are you based on how stable your life is?

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

One of the many perks of living in the Bay Area is the many bridges it has to offer. You’ve got your iconic Golden Gate Bridge, which is often used as a symbol for California and makes for some incredible photos. Then you’ve got the Bay Bridge, which is famous for its light show and also being the bridge Berkeley students often cross on their way to San Francisco on the F bus. It can be argued that these bridges are the most stable thing in the Bay right now. Despite all the protests, hot political climate and economic shifts in the area, these bridges have remained standing. We might be getting one hour of sleep every night, and our grades may be dropping, but these bridges will never drop us. We at the Clog know you’ve all been wondering which Bay Area bridge you’re most like, so we’ve decided to oblige with a quiz.

  1. How many times a week do you skip class?
    1. Never!
    2. Maybe once or twice, if something comes up.
    3. Pretty often. There’s no reason to go to some.
    4. You’ll never see me in a single lecture hall.
  2. What did you do this weekend?
    1. My homework! I already have so much to do.
    2. I slept. Weekends are my recovery time.
    3. PARTY!
    4. Everything but my homework.
  3. How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
    1. 8-10. Nothing gets in the way of my sleep.
    2. 4-7 normally! My sleep schedule is pretty infrequent.
    3. Sleep is for the weak.
    4. I sleep sporadically throughout the night so I can do more homework.
  4. How many tabs do you keep open at a time?
    1. No more than three. I get stressed if I have more.
    2. My browser is extremely cluttered.
    3. I have multiple browsers open at a time, and each are filled with tabs.
    4. A fair amount, but only when I have midterms and essays due!
  5. How many units are you taking?
    1. 20+.
    2. 13-16.
    3. 10-12. I’m looking for a DeCal so I can hit the minimum!
    4. 17-20.
  6. What’s your favorite library on campus?
    1. I don’t go to the library.
    2. Moffitt fourth floor.
    3. Kresge Engineering Library.
    4. I only go to coffee shops.
  7. What is the current state of your room?
    1. It looks like a tornado ran through it.
    2. It looks like one of those Scandinavian designs, super minimalistic and clean.
    3. I have a pile of clothes on my desk, but the rest of it is fine.
    4. My mom wouldn’t yell at me over it, so decent.
  8. Have you done your dishes?
    1. Crap, no!
    2. Of course, I did them as soon as I finished eating!
    3. Maybe? My roommates and I mix ours up in the sink, so I’m not sure.
    4. I was planning on doing them after I took this quiz.
  9. When was the last time you ate vegetables?
    1. I ate a salad for lunch!
    2. Maybe a few days ago?
    3. I had lettuce in a burger yesterday — does that count?
    4. I have literally no clue.
  10. Are you happy with your social-work life balance here?
    1. I think I’m managing it well. I see my friends a lot, and stay on top of my work!
    2. Life’s a nonstop social event for me!
    3. I don’t have time for friends, since my classes take most of it up.
    4. I’m trying to have both, but it’s getting pretty hard.
    1. Richmond-San Rafael Bridge! Just like this bridge, you’re underratedly awesome. You’re reliable, and get the job done. You often wish you received more attention, but you’ve helped a lot of people in the past, and they appreciate it.
    2. Golden Gate Bridge! You’re bold, beautiful and unforgettable. People see all this on the outside, but you do face your own problems underneath the surface. Your life isn’t as stable as it may seem, but don’t forget how cool and iconic you truly are.  
    3. Bay Bridge! You light up everyone’s days and nights with your big personality. You’re smart, reliable and memorable. You often feel overworked and tired, but you work hard and always make it through.  
    4. San Mateo Bridge! Just like how this bridge is the longest bridge in California, you’re constantly setting records for doing the most. You’re always taking a ton of classes, are in multiple clubs and try to always stay active. Sometimes it gets overwhelming, but it’ll pay off soon enough.

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