Signs that you go to UC Berkeley: From Kiwi Bots to creepy mascots

Michaela Swensen/File
Michaela Swensen/Staff

Week three is around the corner, and students are finally starting to settle in. Freshmen are learning the ropes while the rest of us are refamiliarizing ourselves with the wide range of emotions that come with being a student. As we’ve worked to readjust, we’ve realized some quirks that come with being a member of the UC Berkeley campus.

Kiwi Bots on Snapchat

As we all know, Kiwi Bots are truly a Berkeley staple. We see them everywhere. Our meme page is currently named after them, and they help feed our boba addiction. Kiwi Bots are appreciated, so it makes sense that we Snapchat them in the wild. If you’ve ever Snapchatted your friend a video of a Kiwi Bot charging towards a squirrel or chitchatting with three other bots in an organized formation, then you know you go to the No. 1 public university in the world.

“Curve” is part of your daily vocabulary during midterms

For some of us, “curve” sticks to our tongues as soon as we see the syllabus. One thing’s for sure: midterms at UC Berkeley are no joke. UC Berkeley students will cling to any hope that validates the hours of studying we do the night before, and the majestic, mythical curve usually comes through. You could either be on the side that rides the curve, or you could be on the side that sets the curve.

Computer science is one of the most popular majors

Computer science is an enigma at UC Berkeley. Will any of us ever understand it? At this point, if someone tells you that their major is CS, you can’t help but immediately jump to computer science. Upon assuming they’re computer science, you’ll file through your mental filing cabinet of CS-related memes that you’ve collected over your time at UC Berkeley. Thanks to that one meme on UCBMFET, awareness has finally been spread for Celtic studies, Chicano studies, and cognitive science.

We cover up our woes with humor

A smile goes a long way. Humor has become a coping mechanism for many Berkeley students. There are many forms in which this humor manifests itself. Some of us may know a pun master, while others of us have a token dry humor specialist. No matter the form, humor is generally not questioned and frequently enjoyed best with friends. So, as a UC Berkeley student, we hone our sense of humor like any other resume-worthy skill.

Our mascot is a creep

The famous “Oski skip” can be seen from a mile away. Oski’s permanent smile stretches across half of his face and haunts us in our sleep. Also, he doesn’t even look like a bear. You know you go to UC Berkeley when most conversations about your mascot are surrounded by his legacy of being a creep. One thing we must remember is that, no matter how Oski makes us feel, Stanford’s mascot will always be a tree.

A day off is a day spent freaking out about not doing any work

Labor Day weekend was a wasted weekend. We all planned to start fresh and turn a new leaf. This semester was supposed to be different. We weren’t supposed to fall behind. Then Labor Day weekend came along, and the temptation of rest and relaxation was too strong. But alas, now we’re behind. Unfortunately, planning to be productive can be draining. By the time a break rolls around, we’re thinking about all the things we could be doing instead.

UC Berkeley is often known for its students and student life. Sometimes it may feel like our struggles are individual, but never forget how easy it is to have a conversation with a fellow student about what it’s like to study here. This way, we can find a way to appreciate the process.

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