Editors’ Note: Sept. 7

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Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

The Weekender explores a diverse collection of themes this week — from law and policy to transition and change — both on a local scale and more broadly.

Our first feature looks into potential issues related to housing rights and policies for tenants at UC Berkeley’s family housing unit, University Village. Read about one Berkeley resident’s disconcerting story in this piece by staff writer Kat Fadrilan.

We also take a look at law and policy from a different perspective — through the URAP research project of campus senior Cherry Than. She’s exploring the ramifications of “The New Unwritten Law,” a doctrine that exonerated women accused of husband-killing through newspaper archives and trend analysis. Check out the next article in our student research series, contributed by staff writer Anna Tseselsky.

Staff writer Danielle Miller writes on the early stages of her experience abroad in London, England, and the transformative moments she anticipates going forward.

We also included two introspective personal essays that reflect on moments of transition in life and how we remember them. Ru-Ping Chen writes on her transition into college life in the form of a memoir excerpt, and Emmanuel Ronquillo explores the theme of maturation through music.

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